How Long Do You Cook Chicken Thighs in an Air Fryer? Let’s Find Out

There comes a time that you don’t want to go out to have a nice lunch or dinner. This is the time that you use an air fryer to prepare chicken thighs and take them with something else like rice. Your family will love this as it will be delicious and healthy. There are many air fryers brands such as Philips XL AirFryer and ActiFry that you can use in the preparation. It depends on your budget and your requirements. All the brands come in different sizes and colors. If you are asking how long do you cook chicken thighs in an air fryer, this article will give you a comprehensive answer.

Chicken Thighs

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Find out how an air fryer works and its advantages

Before you prepare any food with the air fryer, you should first understand how it works. All air fryers come with manuals that you can read to have an easy time during the cooking process. Many people don’t know the technology that air fryers use. Air Fryers use Rapid Air Technology in cooking food. This involves the use of circulating hot air. The hot air is blown around the food in the cooking compartment of the air fryer. It takes a few minutes for the food to get ready. The cook is supposed to flip the food for it to be evenly cooked.

The air fryers have many advantages over deep fryers. One of the benefits is that it cooks food that is healthier when it comes to fat content. On top of that, it is economical when it comes to oil and electricity usage. On top of that, the air fryer is easy to use. It comes with a one-touch digital interface for switching on and adjusting temperatures.  This makes it a good option in preparation of chicken thighs.

how long do you cook chicken thighs in an air fryer

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Preparation of Chicken thigh using an Air fryer

When preparing chicken thigh, you don’t need many ingredients. For small sized air fryers, 2-3 thighs are needed for the first round. You can have seasoning flour or any other spices you prefer. When you are set, get the air fryer ready by connecting it to an electricity source. Switch it on to preheat for at least 3 minutes for temperatures to rise to 180 degrees centigrade.  Place the thighs on a plate and apply seasoning flour and any other spice of your choice. After that, remove the cooking compartment of the air fryer and place the thighs well leaving some space between them.

After that, return the cooking basket with the things and cook for around 28 minutes. It is advisable to flip after 18 minutes. Make sure you turn the thighs well and continue with the cooking process. Depending on the look of the chicken, you can adjust temperatures to make sure the chicken drumsticks are evenly cooked. It is advisable to flip the second time after 26 minutes and let it cook for other 2 minutes. After that, the chicken thighs will be ready.  Therefore, if you were asking how long do you cook chicken thighs in an air fryer, now you have the answer; 28 minutes.

How to make frozen chicken nuggets in airfryer?

Chicken nuggets are good for children as well as adults when cooked in the right way. Frying them on an air fryer is easy, fast and healthy. All you need is frozen chicken nuggets, your air fryer and some cooking oil. First, put frozen chicken nuggets in an air fryer basket; don’t overload the basket for perfect hot air circulation. After that, put the basket back in the air fryer, set the cooking temperature at 400 degrees F, and time – 12 minutes. Flip the nuggets at 6 minutes for even cooking. At 10 minutes, you can spray the nuggets with some oil to make them crispier and tastier. Lastly, when the time is up, remove the chicken nuggets as they will be crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside.

How long to cook chicken drumsticks in airfryer?

Cooking chicken drumsticks in an air fryer takes less than 30 minutes. It depends on the set cooking temperatures, the size and number of drumsticks you put in the fry basket. If you cook at 400 degrees F, you should cook for 25 to 30 minutes. Remember to flip the drumsticks at least once, for them to cook evenly.

How long to cook chicken thighs in airfryer?

Cooking chicken thighs is super-fast when using an air fryer. It will take at least 20 minutes for the thighs to get ready when you cook at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if the chicken thighs are frozen, you need to cook for at least 30 minutes. Remember, the thighs should have an internal temperature of 165 degrees F when done.

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