Why You Really Need GoWise USA Air Fryer(GW22621) Review

Have you been searching for a fantastic air fryer that can help you to cook delicious meals? You have come to the right place. This article will guide you on of one of the best electric air fryers you should consider.  A good fryer should allow you to roast, bake, fry or grill. It should also enable you to prepare different dishes. When searching for the best air fryer, one of the best fryers you can consider is the Gowise USA air fryer.
Gowise USA air fryer

It is a quality fryer which enables you to cook healthy meals fast and efficiently. Let us now go through some of the important features that prove that GoWise USA Air Fryer GW22621 4th generation electric fryer is the best air fryer you can buy and not any other.

GoWise USA Air Fryer on Amazon:

  1. GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation XL Electric Air Fryer w/ Touch Screen Technology, Button Guard & Detachable Basket – Black 5.8 QT, 1800W
  2. GoWISE USA GW22611 GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer with Digital Programmable Cooking Settings 3.7 QT Black, Black
  3. GoWISE USA 2nd Generation Electric Digital Air Fryer w/ Button Guard & Detachable Basket – Black 2.75 QT, 1350W
  4. GoWISE USA 2nd Generation Electric Digital Air Fryer w/ Button Guard & Detachable Basket – Red 2.75 QT, 1350W
  5. GoWISE USA Electric Programmable Turbo Air Fryer w/ Wide Temperature Range, Timer Control, 8 Cooking Modes and Rotisserie Option – 10.5 Qt., 1300W (4 Accessories Included) (Black/White)
  6. GoWISE USA GW22639 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer Digital Programmable Cooking Settings (3.7 Qt, Red 2.0), , Chili Red
  7. GoWISE USA GW22622 2nd Generation Electric Air Fryer w/ Temperature Control, Detachable Basket & Carry Handle – Black 3.7 QT, 1500W

GoWise USA Air Fryer(GW22621) Features

  • GoWise USA Air Fryer GW22621 enables you to enjoy preparing your meal without adding oil.
  • It has a touch screen interface which helps to adjust the settings when cooking. It has a separate basket where you can keep your food before serving.
  • You can adjust the temperatures using the control settings which has 175- 400 degrees. This enables you to prepare different foods at different temperatures. It also allows you to select the best temperature for each meal.


Gowise USA Air Fryer Advanced Features:

Recipe Booklet

You will get a recipe booklet after you have purchased GoWise USA Air Fryer. This booklet guides you on how to prepare different meals using this Gowise airfryer.

Food Transfer
GoWise Air Fryer
It has a removable basket that allows you to move food from the fryer to the table. This makes it easy for clean up. The fryer switches off automatically after the pot has been removed.

The handle contains an eject button that separates the pot and the fryer basket. The basket and the pot are very easy to clean.

It also has a drawer that has hot excess oil which drips out from your meat when cooking.

Rapid Air Technology

GoWise USA Air Fryer GW22621 has a high-speed fan that allows hot air to circulate the food basket. This makes the food to become hot from all sides which make it a fast and easy way of preparing tasty food.

Button Guard

Another reason why you need this airfryer is that it has a button guard at the bottom which ensures that the food basket is intact when cooking.

The timer has a standby mode feature which beeps and switches to standby mode when cooking is complete.


Gowise USA airfryer comes with a nonstick baking pan that has a handle. It also has other accessories such as pans, skewers, and racks, which allow you to do other things. For example, a rack helps you to create another layer of the cooking surface.

Cooking Capacity
GoWise USA Air Fryer GW22621

This fryer has a capacity of 3.7 quarts which enables you to cook for 4-6 people.

Healthy Food
GoWise USA Air Fryer review
One of the major benefits of using GoWise USA Air Fryer is that it allows you to cook healthy food. You can enjoy your meals without increasing cholesterol levels since you don’t need to add oil when cooking.

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This fryer has a removable pot and basket which means you do not require a lot of time for cleaning.

Touch Screen Technology

It has an LCD screen which you can use to adjust the temperatures and set your preferred time for cooking. You just press the plus or minus buttons on the LCD when you want to set the temperature.

It has seven inbuilt programs which you can use to prepare your meals. These programs are Meat, Chips, Chicken, Fish, Steak, Shrimp or a manual program.

It is safe for your children to prepare meals using this electric air fryer.

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How Does GoWISE USA Air Fryer GW22621 Work?

You should use these guidelines when using Gowise USA air fryer.

  1. Organize all the ingredients – Ensure you have all the ingredients you need to cook your dish. You should start with the basic ingredients such as pepper, salt, sugar, and others.
  2. Remove the food tray – You should detach the food tray and fill it with all the necessary ingredients you need when preparing your dish.
  3. Turn on the appliance – After you have set on the device, you will see various controls at the top. You can adjust the timer according to the type of meal you are preparing. The appliance will turn off automatically after the food is ready.
  4. Transfer your food– You can now remove the food from the device and start serving. If you do not know how to cook, you can use the booklet provided to guide you on how to prepare different dishes.

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  • Gowise USA air fryer cooks food quickly.
  • You do not need a lot of oil when cooking.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can clean all the parts quickly.
  • It prepares healthy and tasty meals.
  • It cooks food within the exact time you have set.
  • It has a guarantee of 1 year.
  • Gowise USA air fryer is ETL certified which means it is compliant with North American safety standards.
  • You can roast, grill or bake using Gowise airfryer.
  • It is available in few colors.
  • Gowise airfryer has a High wattage which affects your electricity bill.
  • It is expensive.


It is my hope that this guide has given you all the information you need about Gowise USA airfryer GW22621. There are so many fryers in the market, but this one stands out to be the best air fryer you can buy today. Unlike most of the models, this one has very advanced features which allow you to prepare healthy foods faster and more efficiently. It also has a great design and its demand is increasing day by day.

If you have enjoyed what you have read, the best thing you to do is to look for this airfryer and enjoy the excellent features which it provides. It is the best air fryer for anyone who loves cooking delicious meals. If you are wondering where you can get one, you can order it online and you will never regret it.

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