Get All You Need To About Ninja Air Fryer (AF101), 4 Quart Here

When you go online to get the model that will deliver the air fried food which will give excellent quality; you need to put in some element of research that will help land the best option on offer.

If you have chosen the Ninja Air Fryer (AF101), this Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) will go all the way to show you how this technology works, its maintenance and the benefits that you will get from using this model. 

What you are about reading will help enlighten you on the capacity of this model. Let us now go into the full details of this Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) review.

This Ninja Air Fryer (AF101), is easy to use and fast. Another great experience that you are going to get is the simple nature of the technology. It is built with the user in mind considering the brilliant user-interface.

Ninja Air Fryer (AF101)

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Cleaning it will not be any problem either. Observation through the Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) review of the portal by happy customers shows that it is easy to clean after use. You are not going to have issues with offensive odor during the time of cooking the food.

Above all, this model is solid and will definitely give you value on your investment. It is compact in design- takes little space in your kitchen. 

  • It has a wide temperature range that delivers the right ensures the precise temperature which is needed for a quality cook.
  • Ceramic coated nonstick basket that ensures quality cooking of the food
  • Excellent dehydration technology that ensures delivery low-fat meals
  • It has an excellent user interface with the user
  • Our Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) reviewshows this model is safe for health and pretty easy to wash.
  • The strong smell of rubber during cooking should be looked into and eradicated.
  • The plastic handle of the basket should be changed for better material.

Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) Features

Let us now go into what is making this model a darling of many people. The features that you are about reading are the reality that you are going to get from your investment in this model. 

You are about reading what separates Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) from other models. Enjoy.

  • The Temperature Range: The temperature range is wide. From 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you will get room to maneuver through the range until you get the best that you desired. 
  • Fat Removal Technology: This technology will deliver 75% less fat when compared with traditional frying methods.
  • Convention Heat: Removes moisture evenly from the food and end up with crisp foods that you are going to fall in love with. We can assure you through this Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) that it takes little cooking time.
  • Capacity: You will conveniently be able to cook two pounds of French fries with this ceramic coated nonstick basket. 
  • Preheating Technology: You need to preheat this model to get effective results. It is recommended that you do this for about 3 minutes before loading in your food.
  • Dehydrate: A thorough dehydrated food will be gotten through Ninja Air Fryer (AF101). There is a low fan speed which combines with a low temperature to produce effective results. 
  • Automatic Stay Warm: There model can stay warm for 12 hrs through its auto stay warm technology. 


We can confirm that there is a strong warranty on this product. If what we got from our Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) is anything to go by, then you are going to get value on your investment in Ninja Air Fryer (AF101).

If after 30 days you are not satisfied with the performance, you will get your full refunds. The warranty on Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) can be described as solid.


The following represents the accessories that come with this model:

  1. 4Qt capacity
  2. 20 Inspirational guide recipe
  3. 1 Basket
  4. 4 Functions
  5. I Accessory

Our impression

What was seen through the Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) review goes to show beyond any element of doubt that Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) has the capacity to deliver healthy food within a short period of time. It is a must add addition to your kitchen. The features are practically for real.

Is there a better alternative

Every new technology is an improvement on the last technology. For now, there is no better technology to this rave of the moment model.

How does it perform?

Just as we have stated earlier on in the opening lines, this is a simple technology that does not require any technical know-how to operate. Everything is delivered in the easy to understand manual that comes with each unit.

  • Preheat the ceramic nonstick basket for about 3 minutes.
  • Draw out the basket and add your food
  •  Set The temperature to your convenient choice within the range indicated
  • You will watch your food through the monitor as it cooks
  • Draw out the basket and scoop out your food
  • Wash and keep for the next round of cooking 

Comparison Of Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) With Nuwave Air Fryer

They come in different capacities. While Ninja has a capacity of 5.3 quart; Nuwave has a capacity of 6 quart.

The Nuwave model is a cheaper alternative to Ninja.

Above all other considerations, it can be established through our Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) review that is a model worth the price tag on it.

Final Words

If you are for the best model that guarantees low-fat results; then you can trust this model. The positives that we drew from Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) goes to show that an investment in this model will give you the perfect meal that will make you are going to be proud of.

Results from our Ninja Air Fryer (AF101) cannot be described fully in words; you need to experience it by placing an order for one today. There are no risks involved; you are covered by the warranty which gives every customer a full refund on their investment within the first 30 days 0f placing your order.

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