What is Rapid Air Technology?

Ever wondered how your air fryer is able to perform those wonders without oil? Sure many of us don’t know, we just love our healthy and delicious French fries. That amazing technology behind the little wonder on your countertop is what we’ll discuss in this article.

Rapid Air Technology is the technology employed in the functioning of an air fryer. I’m highly certain you would have come across the term being used time and again when discussing air fryers. We’ll be explaining this scientific jargon in the simplest possible way in this article. So, instead of worrying yourself about what is Rapid Air Technology exactly, you can easily satisfy your curiosity by going through the few lines below to have both a historical and functional overview of this amazing technology.

Rapid Air Technology

Rapid Air Technology works

Know How Your Air fryer Works: What is Rapid Air Technology

Rapid Air Technology is the basis on which air fryers operate. It was discovered and developed by a firm known as APDS while the air fryer was still in its developmental stages. It is also known as RUSH. RUSH happens to be the abbreviation of Radiant and Upstream Heating. This kind of gives an insight into how things work.

Rapid Air Technology involves the circulation of hot air around the food at a very high speed.

The air is super-heated and circulated with a very high intensity to ensure that it is evenly distributed.

This technology involves the presence of a heating element, mostly made from steel and a fan (commonly dual convection fans) to disperse the hot air evenly.

With temperature levels that could be as high as 400F, the heated air is able to penetrate through to the inner portions of the food.

That is not all. Rapid Air Technology is so efficient in air fryers. The heating element on its own provides radiant heat. There is also another form of heat being produced from the bottom portion. Both the heated air from the heating element above the food, and the convection heat produced below the food ensures there is enough heated air to cook the food.

The smaller capacity of the air fryers also ensures that heat is properly dispersed around by the fan. This is unlike the way it is with convection ovens where idle air may be found lying around.

This makes air fryers faster and less energy-consuming when compared with convection ovens. Also, because it is an automated process, you do not have to generally pre-heat before using the air fryer.If at all you would, it will take lesser time than with convection ovens or pre-heating oil before deep-frying.

The technology seems like another form of deep-frying only that air is the oil. The heated air, rather than the hot oil is used to fry the foods.

The taste is still very great, almost as with deep-frying only that the health risks of fat and excess oil had been eliminated.

Rapid Air Technology in air fryers allows you to cook several types of foods. Your options are unlimited though you may need a few tutorials to achieve the best results from your cooking.

There are multiple cookbooks and recipe books available for that too.

Sure your question of what is rapid air technology is now answered, so when next you’re munching the fries, be aware of the technology behind its preparation.

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