Should I Preheat the Air fryer?

Air fryers are now taking up all kinds of jobs in our kitchen. They can steam, roast, to frying and much more, all without oil. We all know it can be tricky at times to get the best result from your air fryer.

The two most important things are the timing and temperature. While manufacturers often claim you do not need preheating, it may both be true and untrue for certain scenarios. We get confronted on a daily basis with questions concerning this. Should I preheat air fryer? What is the normal time to cook French fries in an air fryer? These and much more are what we’ll briefly touch in this article.


Should I Preheat the Air fryer?       

It will be wise to preheat your air fryers on most occasions. The normal time you’ll use to cook certain foods may vary from what you have in the recipe book. At times, this may be caused by the absence of preheating. Even though air fryers can reach high temperatures within short times, it’s still advisable to preheat. If you would not preheat the air fryer before cooking, you can at least add 2 or 3 more minutes to what you have in the recipe book. So, how should I preheat the air fryer before cooking? That is what we’ll discuss next.


How Should I Preheat the Air fryer

Preheating your air fryer is easy. This can be done simply by setting the time and temperature for a short, limited time. The best method to do this would normally be to set the temperature at 365F for 2 to 3 minutes. After the timer has shut off, you can then load your food into the drawer to cook.


When is Preheating Important

Even though you may avoid preheating on most occasions, sometimes it is compulsory. This is especially when the food you’ll be cooking contains a very high-fat content. In this case, preheating is a must and should be done to achieve the best result. Preheating air fryers does not take time like with ovens and deep fryers. Air fryers are able to reach very high levels of temperature once they are switched on. This makes both the preheating and cooking times faster than what you’d get from most other cooking appliances.

The heating elements of most of the best air fryers are made from stainless steel powered by high power wattage. The air fryer interior is also compact and ensures even circulation of air. All of these factors combine to make it a fast cooker able to cook within short times.


In a nutshell, you may choose not to preheat you air fryer at times. But doing this would often add to the overall cooking time. For some types of food, the food may not be properly cooked if the time routine including preheating is not properly followed. So, whenever people ask me; should I preheat the air fryer? I simply tell them to do it. Sometimes it may not be needed but sometimes it may be key. So why not do it anyway?

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