GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer Holds The Ace Among Air Fryers

If your target is to cook your favorite fried food, then you have to take a look in the direction of GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer. An honest review of gowise air fryer oven revealed that it is possible to achieve what the ordinary cannot do in the kitchen with this model.

There is a three-level option that allows users to effectively take control of cooking in the kitchen. If your target is a reliable family-sized option that will give you real value on your investment, then this model should be given serious consideration.

GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer Oven


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Among the birds, the Eagle is king. A look at the features of GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer reveals that it is in world-class if the testimonies of those that have experienced its wonder in the kitchen are anything to go by. It is made from stainless steel which makes it easy to clean and the distribution of hot air inside the model is uniform.

This model is user friendly, it can be given as a gift to the elderly and they will have no issues with the operating system. There is a general opinion that this model is excellent going by facts gotten through gowise air fryer oven reviews as expressed by satisfied customers.

  • It is a versatile model that can be used for several purposes in the kitchen.
  • Pretty easy to use with little maintenance costs when compared to ordinary fryers
  • It comes with a great user interface which makes it useful for all categories of users
  • The heat transfer is uniform and this is responsible for tasty crispy results gotten after each cooking experience
  • It cooks food pretty faster than traditional ovens
  • Can withstand consistent use without showing any signs ineffectiveness
  • The cook time can sometimes be disappointing.

GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer Features

We shall now take a look at the features that come with an investment in GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer. The features are irresistible and it is responsible for the rave reviews that this model is attracting in recent times.

  • Large Capacity: This technology is a family-sized model that can cook the meal for the entire family.
  • Compact Technology: The technology is compact and it is one of the best excellent space savers that is found around the market today
  • Three Rack Technology: Comes with a three rack technology that ensures excellent arrangement of food in layers in the compartment
  • Easy To Use Control Knobs: It has control knobs that helps dictate the pace of the cooing inside the pot
  • Stainless Technology: The stainless steel interior design of the model makes this model classy and a step above the others in the market
  • Preset Technology: Has 11 presets which removes the guesswork out of cooking times and the temperature.
  • The Accessories: The technology of 11 accessories makes brings out the maximum cooking potential from this model.
  • 50 Recipes: You are going to get the advantage of 50 different recipes and additional ones are included immediately such comes up on the menu list.

The above features are what separates this model from the rest and the reason for its popularity among the options that are in the market today.


One of the reasons why customers are taking to GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer is due to the solid warranty that comes with each purchase. The warranty is a one-year purchase-including lifetime support through GoWISE USA.


With your investment on this model, it will be delivered with the following accessories:

  • Rotisserie tong
  • Rotisserie rod
  • Drip pan
  • Skewer rotisserie
  • Rotisserie cage
  • 2 mesh trays
  • 1 shallow mesh basket
  • 2 oven racks
  • Mini silicone mitts

The listed accessories above go all the way to compliment the performances of this model in the kitchen. You have all it takes for excellent cooking through the accompanying accessories.

Our Impression

Based on honest observations through gowise air fryer oven reviews in addition to practical experiences in the kitchen, it can be said that investment in this model will produce the desired results in the kitchen. You are going to get experience in fried foods that are by far better than the norm from this soar-away GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer.

Is there a better alternative?

Every new technology is an improvement of the last. Based on that, it can be said that this model is by far ahead of all other competitors that are available in the market for now. It is a better alternative to air fryer deluxe when we consider the user interface that comes with this model.

How does it perform?

This is one easy technology that is pretty easy to get along with. There are no preheat time, all you need do is to load in your food along the line of the three layers that are present inside this model. Simple set the cooking time to your taste and you are going to get the notification when your food is ready on your mobile.


We can compare the workings of air fryer deluxe with GoWISE USA GW44803 Ultra 12.7-Quart Electric Air Fryer However, the later is the better of the two and it is cheaper when a price comparison between the two is taken.

Final Words

After an objective analysis of what we saw through gowise air fryer oven reviews, it can be said without any fear of contradiction that this is a model that you can trust to deliver a hygienic result that will make your day in the kitchen. It is a model that is targeted at the user. An investment in this model will sure deliver a meal that will make you bite your tongue.

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