5 Super Effective Tips of Using an Air Fryer

Getting an air fryer is one thing but getting impressive cooking results from it, is another thing! You are not the only one owning an air fryer and not impressed by the user experience and cooking results. You may be doing everything right but you need some tips to make everything better. Here are 5 super effective tips of using an air fryer that will guarantee you the best cooking results and great user experience.

Tips of Using an Air Fryer

1. In Your Cooking, Include Little Oil

One big mistake that people make is to the eye for healthier or low-calorie meals without considering the taste. It is right but you can make healthier food with fewer calories using an air fryer without compromising the taste. You can achieve that buy spraying your food lightly with oil. This will give the food a crispy or crunchy finish, and the taste will be good too. Using some little oil when air frying will give you excellent deep-fryer-like results. However, when you use too much oil, you will not like the cooking results.

2. Don’t Throw Away Juices from Your Drawer After Cooking

When you cook a juicy chicken or meat in your air fryer, you will discover some grease or juice drippings on the drawer of your air fryer. Most people throw away the drippings but that is not a good idea. The juice drippings on the drawer are delicious, and you can use them to make a sauce or gravy. This is a simple way of adding an amazing flavor to your food. Try this, and you will thank me later.

3. An Air Fryer Can Cook Multiple Foods Simultaneously

Do you know that you can cook different foods at the same time in your air fryer? If you didn’t know, now you know. However, you need an air fryer cooking rack with multiple layers to do that. The cooking rack will increase the cooking surface in the air fryer where you can place different foods in different layers. For instance, you can place chicken breast on one layer and veggies on the other layer, and cook them simultaneously. All you need to know is the exact time you need to cook each of the food. Besides all that, combined cooking can help you save time.

4. Use Tin or Aluminum Foil to Prevent Drying Out and Over Crisping

The main aim of an air fryer is to make crunchy meals on the outside and juicy in the inside. This applies to air frying, baking and even grilling. However, you may not get the best results as a result of over drying. Your food can get over crispy and dry, and you may not like it at all. To prevent that, you need to use foil to wrap your cake, seafood and more when cooking. But you need to poke some holes on the foil to allow some moisture escape. In addition, for the last few minutes of cooking, you need to remove the foil to allow for crisping and browning.

5. Try New Recipes with the Help of the Best Air Fryer Cookbook

You can get more out of your air fryer by trying new recipes. You should not rely on your friend’s recipes but be smart – get an air fryer cookbook with over 100 easy recipes for air fryer. This way you will be surprised to know what an air fryer can do, besides frying and baking. When you get the right air fryer cookbook, you will find new easy recipes to make chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables and more in your air fryer. With the recipes, you will have an easy time any time you are using the air fryer.

Final Words

An air fryer is an exceptional kitchen appliance that can cook almost everything. The appliance makes healthier meals, can cook multiple foods simultaneously, and can do more than frying. Therefore, use the above 5 super effective tips, and you will get the best cooking results as well as great user experience when using the air fryer.

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