How Do You Cook French fries in a Convection Oven?

Apart from using air fryers to cook your favorite dishes of French fries, using convection ovens are also another healthy approach to cooking your favorite foods without the usual worries that comes with traditional deep frying. Just like air fryers, convection ovens use fans to circulate air throughout the food to ensure it is evenly and properly cooked. Because of this, cooking can be faster, more moisture can be retained and fewer nutrients are lost. The question is how do you cook French fries in a convection oven and we’ll lay out the answers in this article in the steps below.

 How Do You Cook French fries

Preparing French fries in Convection Ovens

Rather than divide this cooking process into preparations and directions like we’ve always done, we’ll divide the whole process into three parts for easier and better understanding

Preheating the Oven

First, you’ll need to preheat the oven to about 375 degrees. This is 75 degrees cooler if you’d have to preheat a standard oven. Remember, preheating the oven is important so the food can cook more properly and thoroughly.


Preparatory Stage

Spread out the French fries on a single layer on the pan with a baking sheet. The baking sheets are the more effective method while using convection ovens because the heat always circulate on the flat layer and a deep pan would no doubt block the heat.

You’ll probably need to flip the fries around in the oven while the air is circulating to ensure the food is evenly and properly cooked.


How Long Does it Take to Cook French fries in the Oven?

It will normally take between 14 to 18 minutes for your French fries to be properly cooked in the convection oven. However, you’ll be better if you check the fries five or more minutes before this time. If you are one who loves your fries soft, this will give you ample time to make sure it does not exceed the hardness and crispy level you’d like. Those whose love for crispier and crunchy fries can nevertheless leave the fries past the suggested time, but do not get your fries overcooked or burnt.


Tips on How Do You Cook French fries in a Convection Oven

From cooking this recipe several times, we’ve discovered a few things. We’ll list those out in the lines below.

  • You’ll be better if you soak, rinse and dry the potatoes first before you proceed with cooking to avoid making a mess of the whole thing.
  • You may also add a light coat of oil, it makes both the taste and look better.
  • You should also add salt if you will, but this should come before you proceed with baking the fries.
  • Also, remember to not overcrowd the oven with fries overlapping themselves.
  • You may also decide to make your fries healthier and sweeter by using homemade sweet potatoes. When you do this, you may leave the skin on it to provide more nutrients and fiber.
  • Ensure you follow this procedure to ensure your food is properly cooked, after this, you can enjoy your favorite dish of crispy and delicious French fries.

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