Where do you put the oil in a Philips Air fryer

Philips air fryers are one of the best when you want a durable and quality air fryer. They are loved by many and they are our personal choice of air fryer. Philips air fryers are capable of cooking without oil. However, to increase the crunchy and crispy feel, you may as well add a minute quantity of oil. Sometimes, this may not be more than a half tablespoon of oil. So, where do you put the oil in a Philips Air fryer? Let’s do some digging.

Where do you put the oil in a Philips Air fryer

The Philips Air fryer has no oil compartment

The Philips Air fryer has no special compartment for the addition of oil. The machine is purposely intended to work without the use of oil. The lack of this kind of part, often gets many users confused.

You should recall that this is the basis of our question. So, if there is no special part in the Philips air fryer where we can add oil, then where do you put the oil in a Philips Air fryer to fry the food?

You add oil to the ingredients before cooking

So, to achieve that perfect crunchy and crispy French fries, you’ll need to add a very minute quantity of oil. Remember you have to do this before loading the food in the air fryer. This is the only way by which you can add some oil to the food, but how can we even do this?


Best way to add oil to your food before air frying

You may use an oil spray can to spray a little oil on the food before cooking. Drizzling your chips in oil would bring in too much oil. Trying to brush or somehow add oil directly would likely result into using more oil than required.

Spraying cans also contain aerosol and this may also be an issue. These aerosols could be harsh on the non-stick coating of the cooking basket and may soon peel it off.

The best way to apply oil to foods before frying seems to be the use of a hand-pumped spray bottle.


One last thing

All in all, adding oil to your foods is not what should be a must. It is only necessary when you are dealing with probably homemade potatoes or chicken that has not been marinated. In this case, adding oil would help to improve the taste and make the food more crispy and delicious.

Remember this is still within the safety margin as only minute quantities of oil are used.

Where do you put the oil in a Philips Air fryer? You know the Philips doesn’t have a place for oil but you can do this before cooking. We hope you have a great time enjoying healthy and delicious dishes with the Philips Air fryer.

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