How Do I Stop My Air Fryer from Sticking?

We all want to have advanced kitchen appliances in our homes. This makes sure that preparation of food is easy and fast. An air fryer is a top kitchen appliance that has attracted the attention of many people around the world. The device can prepare different types of food. It cooks food using hot air which is blown around the food. With this device you can fry different types of food ranging from chicken wings to French fries using less or no oil. However, sticking may occur. How do I stop my air fryer from sticking? Let’s find out.


How does an air fryer cook different foods?


As we have mentioned above, this is a kitchen appliance that air fries, roasts and grills food. In short it cooks food using hot air. The hot air is blown over the food and ends up cooking the food. An air fryer has different parts. One of the parts is the cooking basket which is removable. This is where food to be cooked is placed. Also, the device has a heating element, a fan, a screen, a drawer and several other parts. You need to understand that air fryers are available in different sizes and varying specs. Philips XL Airfryer is a good example of a top air fryer on the market today.

What are some of the things to do to cook quality food using an air fryer?


For you to make delicious and crispy dishes using an air fryer you need to learn some tips. You need to prepare the ingredients well in advance and preheat the fryer before you start cooking. Also, you need to be very careful when setting the temperatures and time. During the cooking process you need to shake the cooking basket if you are cooking French fries. If you are cooking chicken breast or thighs you need to flip them. If you are not cooking high fatty food, you need to use some cooking oil.


How do I stop my air fryer from sticking?


How Do I Stop My Air Fryer from Sticking?

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This question is asked by many people. You need to spray some cooking oil around the food. Also, make sure to turn, flip or even shake the cooking basket during the cooking process. On top of that, you need to season the frying basket using top quality oil. Assuming that the frying basket is clean, you are supposed to preheat the fryer to 400 degrees and set the timer for five minutes. After three minutes remove the cooking basket and using a paper towel apply cooking oil or coconut oil over the cooking basket. Return the basket and let it stay for 2 more minutes. After that, do your cooking and your food will not stick on the frying basket. It’s that simple!


Using an air fryer is easy and you will definitely make tasty and crunchy foods using it. You need to spray some oil around the food before and may be during the cooking. How do I stop my air fryer from sticking? Simple; seasoning the frying basket with coconut oil or any other top quality cooking oil, shaking or flipping food several times and cooking at the right temperatures will definitely help.

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    I love my power xl pro, but everything I cook that has a coating sticks to the racks and pulls off the coating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP


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