What Are the Side Effects of Using an Air Fryer?

In the last few decades, many people have been talking about this amazing cooking appliance – the air fryer. It’s a unique cooking appliance that is highly versatile and claims to cook healthier meals than the deep fryer. In addition, the appliance is easy to use, and consumes less power compared to many cooking appliances on the market. Besides all that, what are the side effects using air fryer? For a detailed answer, continue reading.

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

Before we look at air fryer side effects and disadvantages, it’s important to mention how an air fryer works. An air fryer is a cooking appliance that cooks food using hot air. The appliance comes with a heating element that heats up the air which is then circulated at high speed around the food in the basket by a fan. As a result, the food cooks until it’s done. It’s advisable to note that the appliance uses little or no oil when cooking.

Side Effects of air fryer

What Are the Sides Effects of Using Air Fryer?

  • Harmful Compounds Can Form and Affect Your Health

Most air fryers are made of metal and plastic materials. Therefore, when you cook food in a fry basket, grill pan or baking pan with some plastic, the plastic can melt, and end up in your food. When you consistently take food with plastic chemicals (BPA), you risk getting an endocrine system disorder.

Besides that, when you use too much oil when cooking in an air fryer at high temperatures, there are high chances of the formation of harmful compounds such as acrylamide, hydrocarbons and even aldehydes. These compounds can affect your health negatively. For instance, acrylamide is said to cause cancer.

  • Heathier Doesn’t Always Make It a Healthy Option

Air fryers are said to make healthier foods compared to deep fryers. However, you need to know that the ingredients you use, and how often you take air fried foods, will affect your health. Even if you use little oil when air frying, you need to avoid taking air fried foods always. Air fried foods are also fried food! Therefore, food from the air fryer is not guaranteed to be healthful.

How to Avoid the Side Effects?

The above side effects can be avoided if you don’t allow your air fryer to reach higher temperatures during the cooking process. In addition, you need to buy an air fryer labelled ‘BPA-Free’ to avoid harmful plastic compounds. Besides that, don’t take food from the air fryer always; do it once in a while. Above all that, pick your ingredient carefully; some ingredients will put your health at risk when cooked in an air fryer. Also, avoid too much oil when air frying.

Final Words

What are the side effects of using an air fryer?  Now you know! However, the side effects are rare, and you shouldn’t get scared. All you need is to get the right air fryer, use it in the right way, and you will remain safe. Remember to avoid too much oil and too high temperatures when using your air fryer. Also, use BPA-free air fryer accessories.

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