Can I Fry Papad in Airfyer?

There are many snacks that you can prepare during your free time at home. Some of these snacks include French fries, chicken, steak and even papad. Many of the snacks are made from flour ranging from cakes to papadum. Papad is also known as papadum, and it is an Indian snack made of seasoned dough which is usually made from urad flour. Some of the ingredients may be added on the dough to ensure that the snack comes out tasty and crunchy. Can I fry papad in airfryer? This is a big question asked by many people. Below is a detailed discussion of all you need to know about the preparation of papad.

Can I Fry Papad in Airfyer

Deep frying papad


As we have mentioned above, you can make papad using various methods. You can use a deep fryer to make papad of high quality. You just need to prepare the dough and let it rest for at least two hours. After that, you should cut the dough into small pieces and roll them on the rolling board to get circular shapes. These slices are the ones that you put on boiling oil in the deep fryer. Many people don’t like deeply fried papad as they have a high level of oil making them unhealthy compared to the ones fried without oil.

Pan frying


You pan fry papad using a pan. You only need to put some oil on a hot pan. After that, you place the rolled balls on the pan. You need to turn them after some time. They get ready after a short time, and they can get burnt if you use excess heat. After sometime you can remove them and they will be ready to be served for you and your guests.


Use a microwave


Microwave can be used to prepare papad. The procedure is simple and fast. You need to get your papad balls ready and roll them.  Get the safe microwave plate and invert it. Place the papad pieces on the plate. Place the plate with the papad pieces on the microwave and set it for 30 seconds. The pieces will be ready within the 30 seconds, and you will like them.


Some communities dry the papad using direct sunlight


After getting the papad’s dough ready, you need to cut the dough into small balls that you roll on a rolling board. You will have pieces that you can deep fry or even microwave. In this case, you will dry the papad pieces in direct sunlight. The pieces will be great, but the taste can’t be compared to those prepared using a deep fryer or a microwave.


Can I fry papad in an air fryer?


This question is asked by many people who like to make papad. The answer to this question is yes, but there is a slight problem that can arise during the preparation. We know that air fryers use circulating hot air to cook food. Papad is very light, and it tends to be blown by circulation hot air. The papad pieces end up sticking on the heating element of the air fryer where they can get burned.



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