How to Use Air Fryer Oven – Step-by-Step Detailed Explanation! 

An air fryer oven is a more versatile cooking appliance compared to a conventional air fryer or oven. The appliance is larger and has an air fryer feature that allows you to air fry food using little or no oil. Additionally, it cooks a little faster and can cook food for a family of 3-4 people at the same time. Most available models on the market are safe and easy to use. Keep reading to learn how to use air fryer oven and much more. 

Why We Love the Air Fryer Oven? 

  • An air fryer oven has more capacity – it allows you to cook more food at once, helping you save time.  
  • An air fryer oven does more than just air frying – it can bake, roast, heat, steam, and do much more. In other words, an air fryer oven works harder for you than ordinary countertop air fryers. 
  • The appliance is easy and safe to operate when cooking different dishes. 

How to Use Air Fryer Oven 

Before you get into the steps of how to use air fryer oven, you should first learn the features of the appliance. Note that different models have different features. Most advanced models have an LED screen, figurative buttons, cooking compartment with several layers of racks, and accessories like the perforated air fryer tray/basket. Once you know its parts and features, you can then learn how to use it. 

Step-1: Position Oven Racks and Preheat  

Food is placed in the center of the air fryer oven for best results. So move the oven racks and place them at the center. Place the catch tray under the air fryer basket and line it with foil. It will help catch excess oils and food particles. Preheat the air fryer oven to desired temperatures. Please note that some air fryer ovens don’t have a preheat feature, so you should preheat them manually by setting the cooking temperature and time (3 minutes). 

Step-2: Prepare Your Food  

Before you air fry Brussels sprouts, fish fillets, or any other food in the air fryer oven, prepare it. You should season the food with desired spices. After preparation, you should place the food into that air fryer basket and spray cooking oil over it. Oil makes the food crisp up and turn brown on the outside. Ensure that food is arranged in a single layer, leaving some space to ensure perfect circulation of hot air in the air fryer cooking compartment. 

Step-3: Cook Your Food 

Place the air fryer tray back into the oven and set the cooking time. Press the start button. At halfway through, flip the food. This ensures that the food is evenly cooked. Once time is up, remove the air fryer tray from the oven and let the food rest for a few minutes before serving. 

Step-4: Clean Up 

After enjoying the meal, it is time now to clean the air fryer oven. Wash the air fryer tray and drip tray and wipe the air fryer oven interior and exterior. 

How to Use Air Fryer Oven GE 

After preparing food and adding it to the air fryer basket, you should pick the cooking feature you want. The appliance comes with a Mobile app, and you can use it to operate it. It has heating options like oven heating, convection, heating, air fry, among others. So if you want to air fry chicken, just pick the air fry option and set temperatures to 375 degrees F and cooking time 25 minutes. You can do all that using the SmartHQ App. But it is also good to learn how to adjust the temperature & time and operate it manually.  

How to Use Air Fry Mode on GE Oven 

Using the air fry mode on a GE oven is so easy as you just add food directly into a cold oven, select ‘air fry’ mode, and set the cooking temperatures and time based on what you are cooking. But you need to note that the GE air fryer oven doesn’t have a preheat function. So you will need to extend the cooking time or slightly increase the cooking temperature for the best results. 

How to Use Air Fry Option in Oven 

You should place your prepared food in the air fryer basket or tray. Place the tray on the middle rack and place the drip tray lined with foil on the rack just below the air fryer tray. Select ‘air fry’ mode from the oven modes. Set the cooking temperature and time and press the ‘start’ button. When the time is up, check if the food is done. If not done to your liking, cook for additional minutes. Once done, press the On/Off button. 

How to Air Fry in a Convection Oven 

If you have a convection oven without the air fry feature, you can still air fry and get desired results. You should prepare the food and arrange it in a single layer in the perforated air fryer tray or basket and place it on the middle rack in the oven. Select air frying temperatures and cook time. But you must cook for a little longer to get desired results. 

How to Adjust Air Fryer Recipes for Convection Oven 

You just need to cook the food for a little longer to get desired results. For instance, the air fryer ribs recipe takes around 20 minutes to cook juicy ribs at 380 degrees F. When using the convection oven, you should cook it for around 25 minutes or more to get the same results. You can use the same temperature setting designated in an air fryer recipe. But it is advisable to pick lower temperature settings when using the convectional air fryer. 

Final Words 

There are many air fryer oven models on the market. Getting the latest model is better as it will help you prepare food at once for your family. Additionally, the unit has more features, including air frying helping you make healthier and tastier dishes. You just need to use the above information on how to use air fryer oven, and you will easily air fry different dishes, ranging from roasted veggies to air-fried fish. 

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