Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven – What You Need to Know!

Air fryers and convection ovens are preferred for making healthier meals at home. These two appliances use little or no oil to bake or air fry food, delivering crispy, tasty, and healthier dishes free of excess oils and fats. The two appliances work almost the same but have some differences. Keep reading to learn air fryer vs convection oven similarities and differences.

The main similarity between an air fryer and a convection oven

Both air fryers and convection ovens use the convection heating cooking method, which involves the circulation of hot air around the food, cooking it in the process. Both appliances have a heating element and fan that heat air and aid in hot air circulation, respectively. Cooking time can vary with the appliance used, but the results will be almost the same – crunchy and healthier meals.

Convection oven vs air fryer differences

An air fryer is a compact cylindrical cooking device with a removable air-frying basket, while a convection oven is a larger, rectangular kitchen appliance with a door in front. In most convection ovens, the door can have a glass panel, allowing you to see what’s cooking.

Although air fryers come in different sizes, they are generally smaller than convection ovens. For that reason, air fryers are ideal for cooking smaller meals like crispy chicken wings or French fries for a small family.

Going for an air fryer is advisable if you have a limited countertop space, as a convection oven will require more space.

Another main difference between air fryer vs convection oven is frying capabilities and results. Although both appliances use convection cooking, air fryers deliver crispier food than convection oven. Why? Air fryers are more compact, meaning food is closer to the heating element and convection fan, ensuring you get great results quickly. On the other hand, convection ovens have more space for hot air, requiring more time to cook, and food may not get the crispiness of a deep fryer or air fryer.

Air fryer vs oven

An air fryer is much smaller compared to an oven. As such, air fryers cook smaller dishes at a time, while an oven can cook multiple meals at a time for a large family. It is important to note that an air fryer uses hot circulation air to cook food while an oven uses fairly static hot air to cook food.

Air fryer vs toaster oven

Typically, a standard air fryer is usually limited to convection air frying function, while a toaster oven offers more functions like broil, roast, bake and dehydrate. You can find a toaster oven with an air fry function, allowing you to explore new cooking techniques. In addition, you have to shake or flip food in the frying basket when using an air fryer, but for a toaster oven, you don’t have to flip or interrupt cooking thanks to a no-flip air fry basket and advanced air fry system.

Air fryer vs air fryer oven

An air fryer and air fryer oven cook food in the same way but differ in size and parts. An air fryer oven is larger with more capacity than an air fryer, allowing you to cook more food at once, saving time. In addition, an air fryer oven does more than just air frying giving you the flexibility you need in the kitchen.

Convection toaster oven vs air fryer

Both convection toaster oven and air fryer cook food using hot air, but the toaster oven has more functions which may include air frying function. In reality, a convection toaster oven can toast, broil, roast, air fry, and do more than an ordinary air fryer. However, some advanced air fryer models can do more than an ordinary toaster oven.

Air fryer oven vs convection oven

An air fryer oven and convection can be almost the same size and work almost the same way. In addition, an air fryer oven can air fry, bake, roast, grill, and do more compared to a convection oven. If you want a kitchen appliance that can work harder, consider an air fryer oven over a convection oven.

Final Thoughts

The battle between air fryer vs convection oven has always been tight for years. The two appliances cook almost the same way, but the air fryer delivers crispier meals than a convection oven. In addition, some advanced air fryers can do more than just air frying and baking. If you want a kitchen appliance requiring less space and can deliver great results, choose one of the best air fryers, and you will not be disappointed.

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