Does an Air Fryer Work Like a Pressure Cooker?

There are many kitchen appliances that help in preparing healthy and quality food. One of the appliances is the air fryer. It is a kitchen appliance that uses hot circulating air to cook food. It is one of the devices that is said to prepare food using less or no oil. The kitchen appliance can prepare almost everything ranging from chicken to vegetables. There are other kitchen appliances such as deep fryers, pressure cookers and some others. Does an air fryer work like a pressure cooker? Well, this article will help us know the answer. Below is a brief discussion of an air fryer and pressure cooker.


What is an air fryer and which parts does it have?


As we have mentioned above an air fryer is a kitchen device that is used to cook food using less or no oil. The device can prepare chicken, red meat, vegetables, zucchini, chips and several others. On top of that, the device can be used to bake and even reheat food. An air fryer has a heating element on top of the cooking compartment that heats air. This hot air is circulated by a fan. The hot air is the one that cooks the food in the cooking basket. Depending on the device you have or buy, some have a touch screen where you can adjust the temperatures and set the time to cook. The device has a vent that is used to let out air during the cooking process. Food is placed on the cooking basket which is removable.


How does an air fryer work?


An air fryer works by heating food using circulating hot air. The air is heated using the heating element and is circulated around the food in the cooking basket. This ends up cooking the food. Depending on the type of food you are preparing using the device, you are supposed to sprinkle some oil on the food to ensure that it cooks well and gets a crispy finish. For you to get right results, you need to preheat the device for some minutes and turn the food after several minutes to make sure that it cooks evenly.


Does an air fryer work like a pressure cooker?


Well this question is asked by many people who want to get the right kitchen appliance for their homes. The answer to the question is no. An air fryer cooks food using hot circulating air while a pressure cooker cooks food using hot steam under high pressure. The high pressure reduces the boiling point of water hence the it boils at a lower temperature turning in to steam which is forced deeper into the food. This makes the food cook faster. It is important to note that pressure cookers are tightly sealed to raise the pressure.

Does an air fryer work like a pressure cooker? No, it is evident that an air fryer and a pressure cooker work differently. Though, both devices require high temperatures to cook food, an air fryer cooks food using circulating hot air while a pressure cooker relies on high pressure and steam to cook food. The results are also different as air fryers produce crispy foods while pressure cookers produce softer foods.

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