How to Connect Cosori Air Fryer to WiFi, and Much More!

With the latest Cosori Smart Air Fryer, you can now easily cook healthier and tasty meals using little or no oil. The air fryer comes with advanced features such as 13 cooking functions, built-in safety features and a touch screen control panel. It makes it easy to air fry turkey, chicken, veggies or any other food of your choice.

The Cosori Air Fryer comes with a large capacity to ensure you can cook a whole 5-pound chicken or food for 3-4 individuals.  Besides, the kitchen appliance can be used to cook a wide range of food ranging from French fries to beef. Read on to learn more about the appliance, including how to connect Cosori Air Fryer to WiFi.

What is Cosori Smart Air Fryer?

Cosori Smart Air Fryer is an advanced air fryer model that can connect to WiFi and be controlled remotely using an app installed on a smartphone or iPhone. It allows you to cook hands-free by just tapping on the VeSync app on your android or iOS device. The app receives notifications from the air fryer to guide you through the cooking process. For instance, it will alert you on when to shake the cooking basket, and when the food is done.

How Does It work?

Cosori Smart Air Fryer cooks food using hot circulating air. It features a preheat function that allows you to preheat the air fryer to the recommended temperature depending on what you will be cooking. You need to prepare what you want to air fry in advance before preheating the cooking appliance.

Once the air fryer is preheated, you need to get the tray or frying basket and add your ingredients. Ensure you evenly space the ingredients to avoid overcrowding which can affect air circulation inside the device. Sprinkle some cooking oil over the ingredients and return the frying basket to the air fryer. Set the cooking temperatures and time using the touch screen control panel.

The advanced air fryer will alert you when you need to shake or turn your food to ensure it doesn’t burn. Once you turn or shake what is cooking, return the frying basket to the device, and cook until the devices alerts you that the time is up and your food will be ready to serve.

What Makes Cosori Smart Air Fryer One of the Best Air Fryers Available?

With the WiFi feature, this air fryer is one of the best on the market right now. You can cook remotely using the appliance and you will end up with healthier, crispy and tasty dishes. Besides, the appliance has 13 cooking functions, a shake remind feature, safety features and easy to clean accessories. Most importantly, it has over 100 recipes you can try.

How to Connect Cosori Air Fryer to WiFi?

  1. Connect your air fryer to power source and switch it on.
  2. Download the VeSync app from the Google app store and follow the registration process.
  3. Select the smart air fryer from your profile, under ‘My Appliances’ on the app,
  4. Follow the simple instructions on the app to connect to the Wi-Fi and to pair the app with the air fryer.
  5. Once done, the WiFi LED on your smart air fryer interface will be solid on.

Note: The Cosori Smart Air Fryer will work with a powerful network (2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n home Wi-Fi network)

Final Thoughts

Cosori Smart Air Fryer has become one of the most sought-after cooking appliances thanks to its Alexa and WiFi connectivity features. You can remotely control the appliance using the app installed on your smartphone or iPhone.  You just need to learn how to connect the Cosori air fryer to WiFi, some tips on how to use it, and it will be easier to cook almost everything using the smart cooking appliance.

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