Are Baked French fries good for you?

The problem with deep fat frying is what many people would like to avoid. Despite the dangers of the excessive oil use, many of us just can’t turn a blind eye to those crispy and delicious fries. Call it our guilty pleasure. We’ve tried to seek healthier alternatives for better and healthier chips. One of such methods is baking in ovens rather than frying with greasy, messy, unhealthy oil. But even this may not be all in all healthy, or is it? Are baked French fries good for you? Are they a healthier alternative to deep frying? Or, is there any other alternative we can recommend? I know you’ve got a lot of questions, but let’s find answers to those in this article.

Baking your frozen French fries in an oven has some benefits and its own share of cons.

Ordinarily, it should be a healthier alternative to deep frying the chips but at times, it may not. Let’s find out the two sides of this coin.

The GoodSide of Baking Your Fries

Are baked French fries good for you? Yeah! We can say that. They offer some convenience and are simple to prepare. You do not have to be an expert in knife handling because they are already cut out for cooking. You just unwrap the pack, spread on the baking pan and set in the oven. It’s that simple, you don’t have to be stressed.

Baking is also better than deep frying in some sense. It will help to cut back on the calories. Depending on what you want, you may only need a little oil to enhance the crispiness. A tablespoon of healthy oil or a little spray may serve the purpose. This is the most noteworthy benefit of baking your fries rather than frying. But the problem is just that this may also be compromised at times. This is what we’ll now discuss below.


The Bad Side of Baking Your French fries

You know the truth? Most of those frozen French fries you’d want to bake had already been fried before being frozen. What is even worse is that some of them had been fried with palm oil and trans-fats, oils that should not have a place in your heart if you understand what that means. Nevertheless, a thorough check on the label may help to uncover this.

Are Baked French fries good for you? Maybe not, apart from the reason given above, many of those packaged frozen fries at times contain way too much salt. Even though just a little sprinkle would be enough for baking the chips, frozen fries contain sodium levels of nothing less than 15% of what you should need on a daily basis.


Recommendation& Alternative

While baking may seem better than frying, the best way to go healthy would be to use some homemade fries. Preparing your own fries will eliminate all the uncertainties and guarantee truly healthier French fries.

While you may also bake the homemade fries in ovens, using an air fryer seem a better alternative. The frozen fries can be prepared in air fryers without worrying about previous deep frying.

So, are baked French fries good for you? You should know now that this depends on certain conditions and in most cases cannot be answered outrighly.

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