What is a Digital Air fryer?

Air fryers are just very useful we can’t seem to do without them nowadays. These machines use mechanical fans to circulate hot airs around the foods at very high speed to cook the food, producing a very delicious and crispy outer layer via a scientific effect called Maillard Effect.  This is how the air fryer is able to perfectly cook chicken, fish, pastries and more using almost 80% less oil than traditional deep fryers. Air fryers are either digital or manual.  In the next parts of this discussion, we’ll point out the differences in these two types of air fryers.

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Digital Air fryers

Digital air fryers are digitally-controlled unlike the manual ones. While digital air fryers are used and controlled by high-functionality LED user interfaces, manual air fryers use knobs for control. In a digital air fryer, the temperature and time settings are controlled on touch-sensitive screens which allows for greater functionality and versatility. Digital air fryers often come with various functions and presets for easy cooking. We’ll explain more of this in the next parts of this article.

What is a Digital Air fryer

Digital Air fryers

Advantages of Digital Air fryers

Digital air fryers have several advantages over the manual ones. We’ll briefly discuss some of these in the next part of this article.

  • Functionality

This is by far one of the most important advantages of digital air fryers. Digital air fryers like the Philips Air fryer XL comes with various in-built functions. These are very quick presets which one can use to cook various types of foods easily at the touch of a button. Most digital air fryers come with this function and hence they seem a better option over the manual, analog ones.


  • Accuracy

For some type of foods, you’ll need to input certain temperature and time settings. With manual air fryers, this could seem a challenging thing. However, digital air fryers will only need you to input the exact time and temperature of your choice to get your foods cooked to the exact level you want.


  • Ease of use

Digital air fryers are very easy to use. The touch-screen interface makes these air fryers very easy to use. It is not like manual air fryers are difficult to use though but digital air fryers go theextra length to simplify your user experience and make cooking a whole lot easier.


  • Versatility

Digital air fryers are very versatile and with the smart preset features that most of them have, they seem very versatile and can be used to cook a wide variety of food types easily. This is another advantage over manual air fryers. Although manual air fryers can also be used to cook other types of food, you’ll need to make sure you input the correct time and temperature settings to cook to your desired taste.

These air fryers are almost perfect and they’ll amaze you with their great handling of a variety of meals. From cooking French fries to juicy chicken wings, you can now enjoy a wide variety of delicious meals cooked in your digital air fryer.

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