5 Tips for Using an air Fryer

There are many kitchen appliances that you can buy to make cooking easy in your home.  An air fryer is one of the appliances, and it helps you to prepare food that has less fat content as it uses less or no oil. On top of that, an air fryer is preferred by many people as it requires a small space in the kitchen not like many other kitchen appliances such as cookers that require huge spaces. It is important you learn how to use every kitchen appliance for you to prepare food of high quality and have an easy time while in the kitchen. Below is a detailed discussion of how an air fryer works and 5 tips for using an air fryer.

How does an air fryer work?

Air fryer is a kitchen device that is used to bake, fry and even to reheat foods. You can use it to bake cakes, fry French fries and meat and reheat any food ranging from French fries to meat. It is a simple device that uses hot air or radiating heat to cook food. The hot air is circulated at high speed on the cooking basket of an air fryer making sure it cooks food evenly. A fan is used to circulate the hot air.


5 tips for using an air fryer


1. Buy an air fryer of a perfect size


Before you buy an air fryer, you need to understand your cooking needs. If you have a family of four members, you need to buy a large air fryer compared to a student living alone in a single room. This makes sure that you don’t overload the air fryer and you save time. If you buy an air fryer that is small, you need to cook several times to meet the food requirement for your family.


2. Use high-quality oil


Air fryers use less oil during the cooking process compared to deep fryers. Because of that, you need to buy oil that is of high quality. High-quality oil is healthy. On top of that, you need to buy a kitchen spray bottle. This bottle will help you spray the food directly in the cooking basket.


3. Don’t overload the air fryer


Many people would like to put much food on the air fryer to save time. This is not the best option as you will end up getting food that is not evenly cooked. You need to give space for the hot air to circulate. If making chicken breasts, arrange them leaving some space between them.


4. Preheat the air fryer always before cooking


This is a recommendation from manufacturers that need to be followed. You need to preheat your device for several minutes before you place the food in the frying basket. Set the timer as well as the cooking temperature. When the timer goes off, you can place the food into the frying basket ready to cook.


5. Flip food during the cooking process


You need to flip or churn food now and then during the cooking process. This makes sure that the food is evenly cooked. Depending on the type of food you are cooking you need to be very smart and alert to make sure that you make well-cooked and tasty food.




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