Can You Cook in an Air Fryer without the Basket?

An air fryer is a top kitchen appliance everyone wants to have. The appliance is easy to use and will cook healthier meals for you. In addition to that, the kitchen device can cook a wide range of food ranging from veggies to turkey meat. However, the amount of food you can cook using the device varies with the size of the cooking basket, which takes up much space in the cooking chamber. Can you cook in an air fryer without the basket? Read on to get the answer.

Elements of an Air Fryer

Before we look at our big question, it’s essential to highlight some components of an air fryer. An air fryer has different parts. The main part is the cooking chamber, which is fitted with a cooking basket. The cooking basket is removable and leaves some space between it and the walls of the fryer for air circulation.

Besides that, the appliance has a heating element and a fan. The heater heats the air while the fan helps circulate the hot air within the cooking chamber. Other elements of an air fryer include the timer, adjustable temperature, food separator, and a connection to a power source.

How Air Fryers Work

The heating element heats air which is circulated in the cooking chamber thanks to the fan. When you place your food in the cooking chamber, super-hot air is circulated at high speed around the food cooking it evenly. However, you have to turn, shake, or reposition the food halfway to avoid burning of the food and achieve the best results.

Can You Cook Using an Air Fryer without the Cooking Basket?

Can You Cook in an Air Fryer without the Basket

Yes, you can. You can cook a wide range of food without using the basket. The cooking basket takes much space in the cooking chamber. For that reason, if you can get an oven or microwave friendly pan or accessory, it can be an excellent alternative to the basket.

Remember that you should not place food directly in the cooking chamber with the basket or any other accessories. If you do, you will affect air circulation in the chamber, and your food may not be cooked evenly. For that reason, you should use an aluminum pan, grill pan, baking tin, an instant pot for air fryer, and oven-friendly bowls.

In addition to that, you should use a pan or pot that is not too large. You have to consider air circulation and above that, space your food well while cooking. Also, you need to note that what you are cooking will determine what you will use as a cooking basket replacement.

Final Words

Using an air fryer with a basket is recommended. However, you can cook without the basket to improve your cooking experience. A good example is when baking, you can use a baking pan instead of the cooking basket. Therefore, what you cook can determine whether to use the basket or not.

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