Is an Air Fryer Like a Microwave? Find Out the Answer

You need many appliances in your home. The kitchen is the essential room in your home. For that reason, you should invest in appliances needed in the room. Microwaves, deep fryers, cookers and air fryers are some of the appliances you need. You may select the best appliance that fits your kitchen needs. Air fryers are becoming popular each day. They make sure that you get healthy foods that are evenly cooked. Microwaves also help in heating food in the home. Is an air fryer like a microwave? The following is a detailed discussion that answers this question.

Is an Air Fryer Like a Microwave

The technology used in cooking

These two devices use different technology in cooking. An air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology which involves circulation of hot air around food during the cooking process. The device also uses no or droplets of oil in the cooking process to ensure the food gets a delicious taste. On the other hand, microwave heats food using electromagnetic radiation. They both cook food evenly, but food prepared using air fryer are tastier and healthier compared to food prepared using a microwave.


Healthy food

Taking healthy food is what everybody wants ranging from young to old. Both devices can cook food without oil making them a better option for people who don’t like foods with much oil. Too much fat has causes weight gain, heart failure and many other complications such as inflammation. These two devices are a good option compared to deep fryers. Deep fryers use too much oil which ends up in the human digestive system. We all know that fats, when broken down, gives a lot of calories. Excess calories are stored as fat leading to weight gain. Therefore, go for foods prepared using no or less oil.


Taste of food

Both microwave and air fryer take are efficient in cooking. The main difference between the food prepared is that foods prepared using air fryer have a nice texture, color, and taste. Microwaves are said to change the structure of food making it have unusual taste. Therefore, if you prefer food that is delicious, air fryer is a better option. Cozyna Air Fryer and Philips XL Airfryer are a good choice over leading microwaves in the market such as Toshiba EM925A5A-BS.


Air fryer comes with a cooking basket

Air fryer is different from microwave when it comes to the cooking basket. The kitchen device comes with different sizes of the basket where items to be cooked are placed. You place the items the basket and then fit in the devices and switch it one and set the temperatures you desire. On the other hand, microwaves have no baskets. You are required to put food or items to be cooked in a dishes. The dishes should not be metallic, glass as well as porcelain.

Final Words

Is an air fryer like a microwave? This question is asked by many people. The devices use different technologies in heating, but they both cook evenly. Air fryer is preferred as it will give you more delicious food compared to food prepared using a microwave. On top of that, air fryers are easy to clean and operate.

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