How long to cook turkey burgers in an air fryer?

Delicious turkey burgers are a weakness of true food lovers. But making the perfect turkey burger is not easy because most of us don’t know the ideal timing and ingredients to make tasty burgers. That’s why turkey burgers mostly become dry and nasty. In this guide, I will discuss How long to cook turkey burgers in an air fryer which is an overall trending kitchen appliance nowadays.

Besides this, I will share some secrets to keeping turkey burgers nice and juicy with no or little oil. My main secret is unsweetened apple sauce that keeps your burgers moisturized without unhealthy cooking oils. In addition, burgers become healthier with fresh onions, and you can enjoy super delicious food in just 30 minutes. If you follow my guide and cook according to instructions, you will get tasty, juicy, and amazingly flavored turkey burgers. So, keep reading.

Why use my recipe?

  • Beginner friendly Air Fryer cooking steps
  • Without wasting your hours, cook turkey burgers in under 30 minutes
  • Super juicy and flavorful burgers
  • Garlic & onion powder adds more flavor
  • Enjoy the fresh lemon flavor
  • Family favorite recipe



  1. One pound turkey
  2. Half onion
  3. Unsweetened apple sauce (4 tablespoons)
  4. One spoon of garlic
  5. Salt and pepper
  6. Ranch seasoning (1 Tablespoon)
  7. Worcestershire sauce (2 teaspoons)
  8. Plain breadcrumbs (4 tablespoons)
  9. Cooking oil (preferred)
  10. Add an egg if you like; otherwise, leave it


How to cook turkey burgers in the air fryer

  1. First, grate half the onion with a small food processor or a grater. Compared to an ungrated onion or onion powder, minced onion provides a juicy flavor to burgers without leaving a chunk.
  2. Now, combine all ingredients such as minced garlic, onion, apple sauce, ranch seasoning, ground turkey, salt, and pepper. Mix well with hands, Now add lemon juice, breadcrumb, and eggs( if you like)
  3. Press turkey mixture firmly with the back of a spatula to ensure burgers are perfectly formed and equally sized, so you can make ½-inch thick burger patties.
  4. Now, Cover all mixture and place into refrigerator for approximately 30 minutes; this step Is most important because burgers will stay together during air frying and will not break.
  5. Next, divide the paste into 4 or 5 balls and press them equally. Then brush the air fryer basket with very little oil (skip it if you don’t like oil)
  6. Now, preheat your air fryer and keep it at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for three to four minutes.
  7. Place turkey burgers in an air fryer basket by preventing them overlap or touching each other.
  8. The air fryer turkey burger temperature should be 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.
  9. After 15 minutes, check the quick-read thermometer, and if the temperature is 165 degrees Fahrenheit, your burgers are ready.

Amazing, your delicious turkey burgers are ready. Now, serve them with your favorite toppings, such as a slice of red onion, tomato, sauce, and lettuce. If you like a more crispy taste, top with a little cranberry sauce and enjoy fancy turkey burgers. Add some favorite toppings such as cheese to make turkey patties more delicious.

How long to cook frozen turkey burgers in the air fryer

If you want to store turkey burgers, freeze them and use a direct air fryer but cook them for 18 minutes at 360 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit after flipping halfway over, your delicious turkey burgers are ready to serve.


  • Refrigerating turkey burger paste for 30 minutes makes than more crispy but if you are in a hurry, ignore this step.
  • Try to use gluten-free breadcrumbs
  • Overcrowd air fryer basket causes touching of patties, so avoid
  • Also, avoid flipping burgers; otherwise, they will break or lose their shape
  • An internal temperature of 165°F is ideal for burgers, so Use a meat thermometer to check the cooking condition
  • If you want to Store leftovers burgers, use a tight container and eat them within four days
  • You can freeze leftover for 2 to three months with care
  • Preheat frozen burgers for 3 minutes in the air fryer or 30 seconds in a microwave



Can I add cheese to turkey burgers?

Cheese cravings are common, and whenever you want, add melted cheese on cooked burgers(when the burger is in the air fryer for 2 minutes) and close the air fryer basket without running the air fryer. The cheese will submerge in the cooked burger nicely, leaving a fantastic taste.

What is the ideal temperature for turkey burgers cooking?

Preheat the air fryer for 3 minutes and keep the temperature 360 degrees Fahrenheit and the internal temperature should be 165°F.

How can I know turkey burgers are cooked perfectly?

The best way to check turkey burgers’ cooking status is to use a meat thermometer and keep the internal temperature at 74°C or 165°F. If you have no meat thermometer, use the fork or cut a little to check the cooking condition.

Turkey burgers are a great way to enjoy a burger without guilt. They are lower in calories and fat than beef burgers. The cooking time for turkey burgers in an air fryer is 15 minutes.

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