How to Air Fry Catfish: Make Catfish the Healthy Way!

If you like taking catfish, you probably like it when deep fried. However, you end up taking too much unhealthy oils, and some nutrients are even damaged in the cooking process. You should find a new, healthier way to make catfish at home. Air frying is the perfect option. You will need a few spices and ingredients, and the cooking process will take around 20 minutes. Keep reading to learn how to air fry catfish and much more.

How to Air Fry Catfish

You will need four catfish fillets, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and vegetable oil. You may also have other species depending on the flavor you want. You start by preheating the air fryer to 400 degrees F. While the unit is heating up, you should pat dry the fillets and sprinkle cooking oil over them. Then mix the seasoning in a bowl and sprinkle it over the catfish.

Next, oil the air fryer basket and place the fillet in a single layer. Please leave space between them to allow perfect hot air circulation inside the appliance. Air fry the catfish for 20 minutes, flipping the fillets after 10 minutes. The fish will be ready if it flakes easily with a fork or when its internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F. You can use an instant-read thermometer to get the temperature. If it is not perfectly cooked after 20 minutes, air fry it for additional 2 minutes. Once done, serve the catfish with baked potatoes or any other side.

How to Air Fry Catfish Nuggets

If you have catfish nuggets, you can also easily and quickly cook them in your air fryer. The first step is to defrost the frozen nuggets. Then dry them using paper towels. Next, you should oil the nuggets and then season them with a mixture of garlic powder, salt, onion powder, and black pepper. Next, preheat your air fryer for 3 minutes to 400 degrees F. Place the nuggets in a single layer, ensuring you don’t overcrowd the basket. Then set cook time to 12 minutes and start cooking. Remember to turn the catfish nuggets halfway through the cooking process. Once done, serve it when warm, and you will enjoy all the nutritional benefits of catfish.

How Long Does Catfish Go in The Air Fryer?

It takes 20 minutes to air fry catfish filets in the air fryer at 400 degrees F. But you can cook it for additional minutes if it is not done after 20 minutes. However, air frying catfish nuggets will take 10-12 minutes when air fried at 400 degrees F. Always flake the fish with a fork or use a meat thermometer to know when it is done. It should flake easily, or its internal temperature should be 145 degrees F.

Are Air Fryers Good for Frying Fish?

Yes, they are! These cooking appliances use hot circulating air to cook food, and you’ll use little or no oil. As a result, fish cooked in an air fryer will be free of excess unhealthy fats. In addition, air frying fish in Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer or any other model is quick and easy. All you need is to learn how to air fry catfish, and you will love the resulting dish.

Can You Cook Frozen Catfish in Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. However, you should air fry the fish for additional minutes to get desired results. If you are air-frying frozen catfish fillets, you should cook them for around 25 minutes. If you are reheating frozen catfish, you should air fry it for approximately 7 minutes, but flip it halfway through.

Final Words

Air frying is one of the easiest ways to make healthier and tastier catfish. If you didn’t know how to air fry catfish at home, you now have all the necessary information to get it done. Just gather the ingredients you need, season the fish, and let your air fryer do the rest.

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