How Long Do You Cook Steak in an Air Fryer? Let’s Find Out

Everybody likes meat. Many methods are used to prepared steak ranging from roasting, frying to air frying. Air frying is a good option for those people who don’t like fatty foods. Air fried steak comes with low levels of fat, and it is considered healthier to that prepared using a deep fryer. When you use an air fryer to prepare your steak, there is no doubt you will take few minutes. On top of that, the steak will be evenly cooked with a unique taste. This article will discuss how to prepare steak using an air fryer, benefits of steaks and why an air fryer is the best option to prepare a steak


Benefits of taking a steak

Steak is meat which is rich in protein and iron. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. As a result, when you take a steak in the recommended amounts, you will enable your body to build and maintain strong muscles. On top of that proteins will improve your bones health. Iron from a steak is essential in hemoglobin formation, muscle functioning, improves brain functioning and help in body temperature regulation. Zinc is another mineral found in a steak. Zinc is essential in strengthening immune systems. Red meat has high levels of vitamin B12 which is much needed in making DNA and keeping red blood cells healthy.

how long do you cook a steak in an air fryer

Why Choose air fryer in cooking the steak?

Air fryers are easy to use, and most of them are economical when it comes to electricity usage. You don’t need to use oil to prepare a steak using an air fryer. This means that your steak will be having low levels of fat compared to a steak prepared using a deep fryer. Air fryers are available in the market, and you will get the one that suits your budget. They are available in different colors and sizes. Steak prepared using an air fryer are delicious and above all healthier than that cooked using a deep fryer. For individuals asking how long do you cook a steak in an air fryer, am almost giving you the answer.

Preparation of a steak using an air fryer

How long do you cook a steak using an air fryer? Well, let’s find out. Before you cook, you need to get your ingredients in order. When using an air fryer, you don’t need many ingredients. You just need the steak, salt and any other spice you prefer. Cut the steak into two pieces that are not very thick. Season them with salt and spices of your choice. Place the slices on the cooking basket of the air fryer and fix it. Before all these make sure, you have preheated the air fryer for at least 4 minutes. Now set the temperatures and time. When you set temperatures as 400 degrees, make sure you set the timer for 12 minutes. After 6 minutes, make sure you flip the slices to ensure they are evenly cooked. After the 12 minutes, you can remove the slices and let them rest for some minutes before you take them.

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