How Do You Shake an Air Fryer?

We all want to prepare quality French fires that are crispy without a lot of oil. This is now possible with the help of an air fryer. It is a kitchen device that cooks food using hot air but you are required to use little or no oil. The device can also be used to bake cakes, roast meat as well as nuts like peanuts. Believe it you can also cook vegetables such as carrots and greens using the cooking device. During the cooking process you need to turn food or shake the device to ensure that food is evenly cooked. How do I shake an air fryer? Below is a brief discussion of how you can use an air fryer.


How it cooks


An air fryer is a simple device that uses hot circulating air to cook food. The hot air is sucked from the outside which is heated by the heating element and then blown in to the cooking basket. The device has a fan which makes sure that the air is circulated at high speed around the food to evenly cook the it. It is advisable to put the right quantity of food in the cooking basket to make sure that the hot air flows freely in the air fryer. With a removable cooking basket, you can remove it more often to flip or turn the food as well as checking the progress during the roasting, grilling or even air frying. How do you shake an air fryer during the cooking process? We will find out if you shake the air fryer or the cooking basket.

 Air Fryer

The secret to make quality food using an air fryer


You can prepare almost everything using this kitchen appliance ranging from different types of meat to vegetables. One of the secrets is using small amounts of cooking oil during the cooking process. You need to spray some oil to the food before the cooking process as well as during the cooking process. If you don’t want your food to stick on the cooking basket, you need to season the basket with coconut oil before placing the ingredients in the basket. To avoid white smoke, it is advisable to put some water (small amount) on the drawer to prevent fats and oil from getting burnt. Furthermore, make sure not to overcrowd the cooking basket as it will affect circulation of the hot air and that will affect the cooking results.


How do you shake an air fryer?

 How Do You Shake an Air Fryer

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You are not supposed to shake the air fryer. You are supposed to remove the frying basket and shake it. We now know that air fryers have removable cooking baskets and it is easier to remove them and shake the ingredients. This makes sure the ingredients are redistributed and that allows them to cook evenly and brown. In case you are cooking chicken thighs or steak, you should flip or turn the pieces instead of shaking the basket.


Final thoughts


From above it is evident that an air fryer is a versatile and easy to use cooking appliance. For great cooking result, you need to use quality cooking oil but in small amounts and follow the recipe to the dot. Use the above tips and you will not be disappointed when air frying that chicken or those French fries.

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