How Do You Keep French Fries Crispy in the Microwave?

Many people across the world like French fries. A good percentage of people know how to prepare crispy chips that taste great. French fries taste excellent when deep-fried, but some people use air fryers to prepare them. When it comes to French fries leftovers, you need to keep them in a refrigerator because bacteria start growing on them after a few hours. When it comes to taking them, you need to reheat them, and you can use various appliances to reheat them. A microwave is one of them, but there are other appliances that you can use to get perfect results. How do you keep French fries crispy in the microwave? This question is asked by many people, but we will find out the answer in the following discussion.


Various methods of preparing crispy French fries

How Do You Keep French Fries Crispy in the Microwave

There are several methods you can use to prepare crispy French fries. One of the methods is the use of a deep fryer. Though this method is discouraged by many people as it makes the fries have a high level of fats, it results in crispy and delicious French fries. The potato slices are put in boiling cooking oil which cooks the fries. Using an air fryer is another method you can use to make delicious French fries. The fries have less concentration of oil and are considered healthy over deep-fried chips. Many people also use pan frying to make high-quality French fries.


What about reheating French fries and maintaining the crispiness?


There are various methods that you can use to reheat French fries without them getting soggy. It is good to note that French fries can only be reheated once if you want to enjoy almost the same taste as freshly prepared ones. When you have French fries’ leftovers, you need to keep them in a refrigerator to keep them ‘alive’. Fries get spoiled few hours after they get cold. When it comes to reheating, you can pan fry them or use an oven.


Pan frying is the best option as you only need to heat your pan and put oil until the oil gets super-hot. Then place your fries on the pan and turn them to make sure that you cover every part of the slices with oil and achieve uniform heating as well as get a crispy texture. Remove the fries after 5 minutes, and they will be ready for serving. You can also use an oven to reheat your fries.


How do you keep French fries crispy in the microwave?


When it comes to reheating French fries, it is not advisable to use a microwave. A microwave will make the fries mushy and soggy. For that reason, it is desirable to go for pan frying as well as use the oven to reheat the fries. The main reason that makes the fries get soggy when you reheat them using the microwave is that water molecules in the chips are excited and turn to steam on the fries and have nowhere to escape, making the fries soggy.



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