How Do You Keep Food Crispy When Transporting?

It feels good to prepare and take delicious meals. We all feel happy when we share crispy food such as meat, chicken and even French fries. You can either deep fry or air fry the foods to get a crunchy texture. When you travel, you need to pack food that you will eat during the camp or the trip. You may not want to pack food, and when the time comes to take the food, you find that the food is soggy. For that reason, you need to learn some tips that will help you transport food without it getting soggy. How do you keep food crispy when transporting? Below is a detailed discussion of tips that will help you keep food crunchy when traveling.

How Do You Keep Food Crispy When Transporting?

How do you keep food crispy when transporting?

Prepare food well

You can’t keep food that is poorly prepared crunchy for a longer time. For you to keep food crunchy for a longer time you need to prepare it well. You need to deep fry the food well. If you are using an air fryer, you need to fry the food well until it gets crispy. Make sure that the food gets dry as the moisture can make the food get soggy after some time. Make sure you follow the right food preparation procedures and the right recipes to make sure that you get the right crispy that can be maintained during the transportation process.


Let the food drain the oil

Deep fried foods have high levels of oil. We all know that deep fried foods are dipped in hot oil during the cooking process. For that reason, when the food is ready, the food need to drain all the oil. This makes sure that the oil is drained and it can be condensed when the food cools. Air fried food has less oil, and there is nothing to drain but make sure not to use excess oil during the frying process.


Let the food cool before you pack in the traveling container

Are you asking how do you keep food crispy when transporting? If yes, this is one of the main things you need to do. You need to make sure that the food is cold. Make sure not to pack food that is hot as it has moisture that can make the food soggy when as it cools down. Moisture is one of the things that make food soggy. Therefore, let the food cool and then pack.


Use ventilated transporting boxes that are lined with paper towels

When you want to keep food crispy when transporting, you need to use boxes that have holes for ventilation. This makes sure that moisture escapes and there is proper air circulation in the boxes. On top of that, use paper towels to line the boxes. This makes sure moisture from the food is absorbed. This keeps the food fresh and dry.

When you prepare food that need to be transported, you need to follow the above tips to ensure that food remains crispy even after the transportation. Use the above tips and your food will remain crunchy during and even after transportation. Make sure that the food is well prepared for it to remain crispy.

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