Does Air fryer Causes Cancer? Are air fryers healthy to use?

You might have been hearing about cancers and how they may be related to air fryers. Do you believe that? Or you would just like to find answers to that right now? If that is the case, all your questions are answered in this article. Let us find the answer to this question that often confuses many people. Does Air fryer causes cancer? Check it out.

Does Air fryer Causes Cancer

Cancers in fried foods are caused majorly by acrylamide. Acrylamides are common substances and can be found in some other common substances such as water, plastic, paper and so on.

These acrylamides have been shown to be associated with cancer after studies where done on laboratory rats injected with the chemical substances.

Heating of foods to temperatures as high as 248F can trigger the production of acrylamides in such foods. Potatoes are the major source of these substances and this has made a lot of people to believe that French fries and potato chips are carcinogenic. We’ll come to the issue of cancer and air fryers shortly.

While the heating of food at high temperature can result in the production of acrylamides, there is a kind of solution. It is often advised to air dry deep-fried foods in an oven after deep frying to reduce the risk of cancer. While all this applies to deep-fried foods, the situation is not the same with air fryers.

Does air fryer causes cancer? No. Are air fryers safe for your health? Yes, in a lot of ways. Air frying your food does not lead to the production of acrylamide. Air frying your food does not only seem a safe way of cooking but also eliminates all risks and possibility of cancer.

With air fryers, you do not need to air dry your foods. It is not necessary. Frying your potatoes in air fryers also reduces the risks of producing acrylamide,  unlike what happens in deep frying.

Another probable scenario that may also lead to cancer is overcooking or frying foods to dark brown. health and medical agencies often advise people to fry only to a golden yellow rather than the dark brown level.

Another way your air fryer can help with this is with its adjustable time and temperature. You can easily input the right settings and your food will never overcook. It will only be cooked to your specification and in case you ever forget the food on fire, the inbuilt auto timer shuts off, giving you enough support to eat healthy, delicious fried foods without worries about cancer and other things.

So, when next somebody asks you the question; does air fryer causes cancer? You know the right answer to give them. It’s nothing but a hoax, untrue and baseless.

Are air fryers healthy to use?

It is no doubt that air fryers are one of the safest methods which you can use to cook delicious and crispy meals without worrying about your health.

Air frying does not involve oil. You basically fry with air! Hot, heated air revolving around your food at a great speed. Some air fryers help to reduce fat content in foods by as much as 80%. What more could be safer and healthier? If you are concerned about the fat in deep frying and the problems associated with it, or maybe you are just trying to keep fit and stay in good shape, your best cooking companion will be none, other than a good, quality air fryer.

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