How To Get Rid Of Fishy Smell In The Kitchen

Cooking is an excellent hobby and while it creates so many enjoyable moments, it can also leave behind lingering odors and smells that can make your kitchen intolerable.

Some food items have a more persistent smell compared to others, like fish or if you’re trying a unique foreign recipe for the first time, you might not like the smell as you won’t be accustomed to it.

Air Purifier Mag has an excellent guide as to what air purifier for kitchen smell is the best, so if you’ve decided to get an air purification device then that guide can help a lot. This article covers how you can get rid of the smells after cooking and keep your indoor space smelling fresh.

Are Smells and Odors Harmful?

Put simply, no. Smells and odors are just neural responses that the body experiences when certain particles come in contact with the inner lining of our nose. But, odors can be pre-cursor to a highly unhygienic space and are not socially appreciated.

If your kitchen is an open one like ours, your whole house could stink if you don’t get rid of the odors. Your house is your safe haven and a fishy smell is the last of the things you’d want to be greeted to after a long day.

Thankfully, with little change to the way you work, you can minimize the odors in your kitchen, leaving behind a fresher and more welcoming indoor space.

5 Ways That’ll Help You Get Rid of Smell

Thankfully getting rid of the pesky odors is not that difficult. The most persistent of cooking smells can either be contained or eliminated by simple tweaks. Here are a few things you need to look out for to ensure that your kitchen stays odor-free.

1. Contain the smell

The best way to make sure that smells don’t linger after a cooking session is to contain the smell as much as possible.

There are a number of ways this can be done, starting with making sure that there is ample ventilation that will take the cooking smells away or you if you can’t arrange for ventilation then ensuring that the door to the kitchen is closed, can go a long way.

2. Use Incense

Some foods like fish can be a mess to cook as the smell of cooking fish can linger on for hours afterward. If you’re hosting a dinner and want your home to smell as good as possible then using an incense candle or something that will keep the smells at bay can help a lot.

Incense candles and decorations can mask the smells perfectly and while these won’t be as efficient as a dedicated smell control gadget, they are definitely cheap and somewhat effective as well.

3. Clean Actively

Kitchens usually smell bad because of the different ingredients that are used and are then left on the shelves for extended periods of time. The odors can be absorbed by different materials around the house like upholstery and even carpets.

The best way to keep odors in check is to dispose of the packaging and other such things that aren’t needed but carry a stench. Fish is one of the most smelly things that can leave a really bad lingering smell behind it. In addition to disposing of the unwanted waste in a sealed container, you should wash or rinse the dirty utensils and keep your workspace clean to ensure bad smells and persistent odors don’t become a problem.

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4. Use an Air Freshener

If masking the smell with incense is not your thing and you’re worried about the nature of the incense smoke then an air freshener can also yield quick results. The quick results make an air freshener an extremely viable option for hosting parties and dinners, but continued use can also drive up costs significantly.

5. Invest in an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a god-send for something like the fish smell or the smell you experience after a cooking session. Air purifiers with dedicated carbon filters, activated carbon filters, or other odor removal and adsorption technologies can help absorb all kinds of odors.

Air purifiers not only help remove odors, but they can also handle VOCs, particulate matter, and other such allergens that can trigger allergies or create other respiratory problems.

Bonus Tip: Add Baking Soda To Your Trash Bin

Baking soda is an affordable anti-odor superhero that’s also multi-functional, too. To prevent your trash from smelling like the entire kitchen after you’ve disposed of food items that smell (like fish) put a bit of baking soda into the trash can before throwing anything into the garbage.

Keep baking soda in a salt shaker that is labeled in order to make the simple process even easier. You could also place baking soda in an old garbage bag that’s started to smell.


Odors can be very problematic and can also destroy the whole setting by irking the senses of the visitors. You can ensure that your indoor space does not smell bad with these small changes or invest in an air purifier for more dependable and reliable results.

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