How to Clean Inside Air fryer: Best Way to Clean Air fryer Interior & Exterior

You’ve learned how to use air fryer, you’ve also learned how to cook fried chicken wings in an air fryer to give a delicious and crispy result. Another very important thing is, knowing how to clean inside air fryer.

The interior and exterior of the air fryer need to be cleaned after each use to make sure it remains in a clean and hygienic condition.

How to Clean Inside Air fryer

While it is very easy to clean an air fryer, it may be confusing if you don’t know how to do it. That is what you are about to learn in the next lines below.

Most air fryers often come with dishwasher-safe parts, the cooking baskets, the baking pan and other accessories.

These components are non-sticky and so are easy to clean.

The absence of excess oil during the cooking also means we do not have much mess to clean.

So, to clean inside an air fryer;

  1. Hold the handle and remove the drawer.
  2. Take out the accessories you used while cooking.
  3. You can toss this in water and soak for five minutes with dishwasher soap.
  4. The removable accessories can be cleaned and washed with a sponge after soaking.
  5. Also, oil might have been collected in the bottom of the basket especially when what you just cooked contains a high-fat content.
  6. Remove this before proceeding to clean the interior part of the fryer.
  7. To clean the inside, you can use a moist cloth to clean and remove every inch of dirt that might have stained it.
  8. You can as well soak this moist cloth in water with a dishwasher soap to clean any leftover oil in the air fryer interior.
  9. The step above can then be followed with the use of a clean dry cloth to finally clean the interior.
  10. To clean the exterior, you can use a moist cloth to wipe the exterior. Here does not involve washing and is also relatively easy to clean.


This process will ensure your air fryer is kept clean and in top condition.

One other reason why you should know how to clean inside air fryer is to be certain your air fryer does not contain flavor and odor from previous foods that can contaminate new foods you want to cook.

The air fryer is one fun and highly beneficial cooking appliance. Because they are versatile, they may replace other cookers in your kitchen.

However, proper knowledge of how to use air fryer and also how to clean inside air fryer will ensure that you always get the best results from your air fryer.

Basically, the fryers doesn’t require much of a cleaning, but leaving them all alone would not be a wise thing to do, since the cleaning aspect is also very easy, it is something you can easily do after every cooking session, so while you enjoy your delicious and crispy oil free meals, remember to also take good care of the little puppy handling the meals.

Have fun as you enjoy your air frying experience.

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