How to Air Fry Lobster Tails – So Easy and Quick!

You have probably tried broiled and grilled lobster tails from the seafood restaurant. It is now time to make tasty lobster tails at home. Air frying lobster tails is a perfect option that is so easy and quick, and you will end up with delicious lobster tails better than restaurant-bought. You need readily available ingredients such as garlic, salt, and melted butter to make it more delicious. Keep reading to learn how to air fry lobster tails and much more information.

How to Air Fry Lobster Tails?

The first step is to wash and clean the lobster tails if they are direct from the sea. If you bought frozen, you need to thaw them. Next, prepare the seasoning, where you mix the melted butter, garlic, smoked paprika, salt, and lemon juice. Then put the lobster tail on a chopping board and cut the shell lengthwise up to the tail but don’t cut the bottom shell. Using your fingers, spread the shell open to expose the tender inside.

Brush the interior section (meat) with the butter seasoning mixture. While brushing, preheat the air fryer to 400 degrees F for 3 minutes. Then grease the air fryer basket and place the lobster tails into it in a single layer leaving space between them. Air fry the lobster tails for 6 minutes. When time is up, use a meat thermometer to read the internal temperature of the thickest part. If it reads 140 – 145-degree F, know it is ready. If not ready, cook for additional 2 minutes. Once done, you should remove and serve, and you will enjoy the great health benefits of lobsters.

How Long to Air Fry Lobster Tail?

It will take 5-6 minutes to cook thin lobster tails at 400 degrees F in your Innsky Air Fryer or any other model you have that reaches 400 degrees F. If yours can’t get to 400 degrees F, you should cook the lobster tails at 380 degrees F for 7-8 minutes. Please note that cook time is dependent on the thickness of the lobster tails and cooking temperatures. Alternatively, you can calculate the cooking time by using ‘1 minute per ounce’ formula. For example, a 10-ounces lobster tail should be air fried for 10 minutes.

Is Lobster Good on Air Fryer?

Yes, air fryer lobsters are healthier and tastier than broiled or grilled ones. You just need to learn how to air fry lobster tails, and you will see the results. All you need is to use the right seasoning and cook the lobster at 400 degrees F for 6-7 minutes.

What is the Best Way to Cook Lobster Tail?

To get healthy and delicious lobster tails, you should prepare them using your air fryer. It is easy and fast. You will need readily available ingredients like melted butter, minced garlic or powder, salt, pepper, and more. But you should ensure that you don’t overcook the lobster as that will destroy some nutrients or even make it burn. Once you have it ready, you can serve it with yummy air fryer potatoes, salads, or steamed vegetables.

Final Words

You don’t have to line at the nearest seafood restaurant whenever you want to take healthy and juicy lobster tails. You should buy them raw and prepare them at home using your air fryer. The above information is detailed on how to air fry lobster tails, and when you follow it, you will easily and quickly make nutrient-rich lobster tails.

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