Are Air Fried Vegetables Healthy?

There are many methods that you can use to prepare vegetables. The most famous method is frying them. In this case, they are chopped and cooked using a pan or cooking pot. In some communities, vegetables are boiled. Though this method is liked by many people, it is advisable to know that boiling is not a good method as it can lead to the destruction of nutrients. Air frying is another way of cooking vegetables. This is where the vegetables are chopped and cooked using air fryer. Some communities also roast vegetables. It is also good to note that some vegetables are eaten raw such as carrots. The nutrient levels vary with a method of preparation. The question is; are air fried vegetables healthy? Below is a brief discussion of air fried vegetables.


Why go for air frying?


Air frying has proved to be a good option when it comes to the cooking of meat, chicken, cakes as well as vegetables. One of the main reason that people go for air fryers is that they use little or no oil in the cooking process. As a result, the food has less concentration of oils that lead to weight gain. We also know that deep frying can lead to the formation of a harmful compound such as acrylamide. Using an air fryer, your food cannot get such harmful compounds. Also, an air fryer is easy, and it is not expensive compared to other cooking appliances. On top of that, air fryers cook foods that are healthy and more nutritious.


Are air fried vegetables healthy? Let’s find out

 Are Air Fried Vegetables Healthy

Air fried vegetables are very healthy.  The healthiness of the vegetables cooked using an air fryer depends on the time of cooking as well as ingredients used. It is advisable to know that if we overcook vegetables, they cannot give us the many benefits. For that reason, we need to cook vegetables the right way to avoid undercooking as well as overcooking. Cooking vegetables using an air fryer takes 10 to 20 minutes. Some vegetables get ready even within five minutes such as kales and spinach. Broccoli will take at least 8 minutes while carrots will take at least 12 minutes.


When we stick to the right cooking time, we will not destroy the nutrients. Air frying vegetable makes sure that all the nutrients are preserved unlike the case of boiling. On top of that cooking using an air fryer makes sure that you get vegetables that are crispy as well as tasty. Air fried vegetables have less fats. We know that fats are not healthy. On top of that, air fried vegetables have fewer calories compared to fried ones making sure that you can lose weight within a short period.

From above it is evident that air fried vegetables are healthy. Air fried vegetables are nutritious and have minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Boiled and oil fried vegetables may have less nutrients compared to air fried ones due to destruction as well as leaching of nutrients.

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