5 Regular Air Fryer Problems and Here’s How You Can Fix Them

An air fryer has become one of the most popular kitchen appliances in today’s world. The appliance is preferred by singles, students, couples and even large families. This as a result of its versatility, healthy meals and ease of use. However, the appliance comes with air fryer problems. What are these problems, and how can you fix them? Continue reading for all the details.

Air Fryer Problems

Problem#1. Air Fryer Power Problems

If you find that your air fryer won’t turn on when connected to a power source, it may have a power problem. Also, if your air fryer suddenly stops working in the middle of cooking, everything is not okay.


When your air fryer won’t turn on or suddenly stops working, you need to check the power connections. You will need to reconnect the device to the power source to see if the power reaches the air fryer. If you reconnect the machine to the power source, and still can’t function, you need to check if you can see cuts on the cable of your air fryer. If you notice nothing wrong with the cable and the power source, you may need to take your air fryer to a technician to check it for you.

Problem#2. Black Smoke Coming Out of the Air Fryer

This is a problem experienced by many people cooking fatty foods in an air fryer. The smoke comes as a result of fats and grease dripping to the drawer, and getting burnt at high temperatures.


You just need to add some water in the drawer of the air fryer before you start cooking. This will allow the oils, fats or grease to go into the water, preventing them from getting burnt.

Problem#3. Blue Smoke Coming Out of the Air Fryer

When you notice blue smoke coming out of you are fryer, it can be a serious problem that needs a solution immediately. Although, it is very rare, it’s a very serious problem worth noting. Electrical problems can be dangerous and can release a lot of heat that can melt or burn rubber, plastic and other flammable material in the fryer producing blue smoke.


To fix this problem, you just need to unplug the air fryer and switch off the direct power source.  If there is fire, you should put it out. After that, take the appliance to a repair shop. Don’t use the appliance until it’s checked and repaired by a professional.

Problem#4. Lingering Food Smells

If you experience an odor of food previously cooked in your air fryer, you should think of a solution. Because if you don’t, what you are cooking will smell, and even taste like previously cooked food in the air fryer.


For you to fix this problem once and for all, you need to clean your air fryer thoroughly after every use. You need to clean the drawer, air fryer basket, fry pan, among other accessories with warm water, soap and a sponge. Rinse them with clean water and wipe them dry with a soft towel.

Problem#5. Food not Getting Crispy and Tasty as Expected

If your food is getting soggy, chewy or generally soft at the end of the cooking process, something is wrong somewhere. In addition, if your food gets too dry, you need to look for a solution.


Texture is key when it comes to different types of food. If your food isn’t getting crunchy or crispy, you need to use some oil during the cooking process. Spray some oil lightly to what you are cooking before putting it on the air fryer. When you do that, your food will get crispy and tastier just like deep-fried foods.

Final Words

At one time or the other, your air fryer can have serious to less serious issues. With the above information, you can now easily identify some of the air fryer problems. In addition, you now know how to troubleshoot air fryer problems. However, if you can’t fix the problem, you should seek help from an air fryer expert for repair or even get a new one.

6 Responses

    • Chimezie Mike

      This is most common when the cord connection at the wall or at the air fryer is loose. Clearly, it will be easy to fix any problems at the wall where you simply need to remove and reinsert the plug for a better connection.

  1. Nichole Smith

    I have several appliances from low to relatively high wattage. No of them cause my lights to pulse or flicker. My new air fryer, on the other hand, causes my lights to flicker or pulse no matter the programmed wattage. The lower the wattage (900, 1500, 1800) the more quickly my lights begin to pulse. I have tried is on 3 separate circuits with the same results and have even added a surge bar just in case it’s a grounding issue. Again, no other appliance causes this. Any suggestions as to what is causing this?

  2. Ray William Goldring

    I have a HOMCOM Air Fryer small.

    When i cook chips it sometimes goes off and an error code appears


    Then have to switch off and wait for it to reset itself.

    Any thoughts.

    Fryer is cleaned after every meal


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