7 Benefits Of Air Fryer That May Change Your Perspective

Air fryers has taken over many kitchens of the people who wants to stay healthy. The awareness for staying healthy has given a kind of surge to the air fryers because they provide food with low content of fat as compared to the oil-fried food preventing from obesity. You all have heard and read about the benefits of air fryers. Now here we are mentioning how else an air fryer can be helpful. Scroll down below to get into it.

Benefits Of Air Fryer

7 Helpful Benefits of Air Fryer

You might have gone through and experienced so many benefits of using an air fryer in this blog you will get to know who can get benefit from it and that how else these air fryers are beneficial and helpful for you. So let’s get started.

  1. Reduction of Toxic Formations

Some dangerous compounds are present in fried food like acrylamide specially in deep fried food or else they can form while reheating. Air fryer prevents that as it uses few drops of oil or no oil to cook or reheat.

  1. Convenient for Busy Parents

Air fryers are can be helpful for working parents. If you are running out of time and you have to prepare breakfast, lunch or even dinner for your family, just simply put some snacks into it.

  1. For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are not very tech savvy, these air fryers are easy to use. As we know our elders require healthier food for their fitness, having this in your home for them is a wise option. The air fryer helps to cook food instantly without letting you wait.  Whatever the frozen food is, just put it in, set the timer and there you go. Now you don’t have to worry about your elder’s meal.

  1. For Students

If you are a student and moved to the dorm, then having an air fryer could be helpful as it is an ultimate snack maker. While working on your term paper and forgot to eat, this air fryer will help you out to cook in the middle of the night. Its compact size allows it to fit in easily.

  1. The Versatility

The air fryer is a convenient device of the modern era. Its versatility is creating a surge for it. It alone is enough to perform different tasks such as frying, baking, grilling, reheating, roasting, broiling or even if it is stir-frying. Many fryers cone with additional features including elevated cook rack, rotisserie rack or a grill pan.

Some fryers also offer dividers that allow the user to cook several things together at the same time. You will get different accessories along depending upon the size of your air fryer. Commonly, a normal air fryer has a capacity of almost 3 pounds.

  1. As a Weight-Loss Device

How an air fryer is helpful for weight loss? Well, this is something very obvious about the air fryers that it prevents excessive deep fried food. This can help to replace deep-fried food with air cooked. As a multi-cooking device, it can easily cook diet food as well with the taste of original snacks but the healthier one.

  1. They are Safe

Heating a large container with scalding oil is dangerous with the fear of spilling. Additionally, cooking with deep frying typically requires 325 degrees Fahrenheit which can possibly ignite the fire or risk the burning of your food.

Air fryers however, are safer as they do get warm or hot but they are free from the fear of spilling and splashing. With some benefits here comes the hazards too. The advantages might change your reviews if you are going to get an air fryer for the first time. Alongside this, we are stating disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Air Fryer

Harmful compounds of air fryers

Although air fryer helps to reduce the amount of fats, acrylamide formation and calories but it is still stays there. In fact, it can give growth to some other potential compound.

High-heating, while cooking meat can result in polycyclic aromatic and hydrocarbons which are harmful compoundss, are prone to cause cancer that includes ovarian, breast, endometrial, esophageal cancer, etc.  It is yet undiscovered that how these compounds correlate to the air fryers.

Not Enough for Big Families

If the number of people in your family is large than an air fryer is not suitable for you. It can cook for 3-4 people easily but it is not suitable for more than that. So spend it wisely.

What We Recommend

We have mentioned the pros and cons of an air fryer. Now here is the recommended product for you from our side for our readers ease.

Philips Air fryer XL

Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

This Philips Air fryer is one top line digital air fryer that is a perfect idea for small and medium sized family. This is air fryer is not only easy to use but also dishwasher safe. People also use it to make desserts as well. Here are some prominent features for the Philips Air fryer XL.

Key Features

  • Fast than conventional ovens.
  • It has a capacity of 3 pounds.
  • Comes with a patent starfish design.
  • Non-sticking pan and basket.
  • Able to cook with no or little amount of oil.
  • Can make meal for up to 6 members.
  • Fits a whole chicken or two bags of frozen fries easily.
  • Heats up quickly with minor pre-heating with 180-390 F temperature range.
  • It is a multi-cooking device. Can bake, grill, air fry, roast, dehydrates, toasts and reheat.
  • Has 5 interface for single touch program.
  • Cleans easily.
  • Comes with a warranty.

Well, this Philips Air fryer is our suggestion for the best air fryers as it has all these latest features that we consider for good product.

Closing Notes

Craving for fried and junk food is natural but it can cause damage to health if eaten on a regular base. Still, we cannot resist from fried food. So, whenever you feel like immense craving then cooking it in air fryer is a better option than deep frying. It will satisfy your craving by keeping you healthy.

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