Power Air fryer VS Philips Air fryer: Head to Head Comparison

These two, the Power and Philips air fryers are often compared together. This may be because they are arguably the most popular air fryer brands. In this review, we’ll cover the Power Air fryer VS Philips Air fryer battle and see how they both stack up against each other.

We’ll cover several areas of their features and performances and see who comes out on top in each of these areas we shall be considering. Sit back, read on and follow every second of the battle between these two giants exclusively in this article. Let’s go.

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Power Air fryer VS Philips Air fryer

Power Air fryer VS Philips Air fryer: Capacity

You know how capacity is important to every air fryer, let’s see who has what.

  • Power Air fryers: They come in 3 sizes, a 2.4qt model, a 3.4qt model and a 5.3qt model.
  • Philips Air fryers: They come in 2 sizes. The Philips Air fryer XL has a large 2.65lbs capacity. The smaller models have a 1.8lbs capacity.
  • Winner: In this capacity contest, there is no clear winner, so they would both have to share the spoils in this capacity contest equally.


Weight & Dimensions: Head to Head

This will actually depend on your kitchen. The larger the air fryer, the more space it would require in your kitchen.

  • Power Air fryers: They come in different sizes. The 5.3qt model weighs 16lbs and has a dimension of 14.5 x 12.5 x inches. The smaller 3.4qt model has a dimension of 12.8 x 11.4 x 13.2 inches.
  • Philips Air fryers: The Philips Air fryer XL weighs 19lbs and has a dimension of 16.7 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches. The smaller models have a dimension of about 11.2 x 12.4 x 15.1 inches.
  • Winner: We’ll give this to the Power Air fryer, but it’s such very narrow margin.


Digital Controls: Stalemate

There is not much of a battle here, they both have beautifully designed, easy to use digital touchscreen interface with various preset cooking options to ease your experience.


Flexibility & Versatility: Tie

They are both versatile, no winner, no vanquished. They also come with options and flexibilities in the size and color of the particular model you’d like to buy.


Optional Accessories

In this area, the Philips Air fryer takes the lead. It offers plenty choice of optional accessories to use with air fryers such as a double layer rack with a skewer, a frying or baking pan and lots more.

This further enhances your versatility and ability to cook more food types.

  • Winner: The Philips Air fryer takes the win here.


Wattage: Power Tussle

The power rating of your air fryer will determine two things. This will determine how long it takes for your food to get done and how much energy it consumes.

  • Power Air fryer: The Power Air fryer 5.3qt is rated at 1700W.
  • Philips Air fryer: The Philips Air fryer XL is rated at 1800W while the smaller HD9220/56 is rated at 1425W.
  • Winner: The power win belongs to the Philips Air fryer, cooks faster than the Power Air fryer by some few minutes.


Power Air fryer VS Philips Air fryer: Affordability

There are little differences in the price of these air fryer brands. But within all size groups, the Power Air fryer retails far less than their corresponding Philips model.

  • Winner: The Power Air fryer wins the affordability contest.


Overall Winner

Overall, both air fryers are great and excel in so many areas. But if we would rate them, the Philips Air fryers would slightly come on top with a narrow margin.


Where to Buy Power Air fryer

Power Air fryers are the frying favorites for many of us. These appliances are wonderful and you know, not expensive like some other air fryer brands. Many people often ask me where to buy the Power Air fryer. In view of this, I’ve taken my time to write up this article.

In here, you’ll not only learn where to buy Power Air fryer, I’ll also give you a scoop on where to get the best deals on Power Air fryer. After reading this through, you’ll surely know where you’ll get value and quality without an arm and leg for your product at a very affordable price.

Where to Buy Power Air fryer: Best Deals on Power Air fryer.


If there is a place that has to come first on this list, it will be Amazon. Why Amazon? Let’s see.

Amazon is the largest online marketplace, so it is home to the largest varieties of products.

The prices of products on Amazon are the best you can get anywhere in the market, sometimes you get to choose the best price from many merchants competing to get your order.

Your product of choice will almost always be available. You know what variety means, right?

Aside from being available, you get to choose from various designs, colors, sizes and every other thing you may prefer. So what flexibility could be greater than that?

Retail Stores

You can also buy the Power air fryer in walk-in stores.

I’m sure there will be various stores around you. The only problem I see with this method is the lack of flexibility. You may want the red Power Air fryer but the only available one in-store might be the black model.

What if you need the 5.3qt capacity Power Air fryer and the one available is 3.4qt.

The only advantage of walk-in stores over online stores is the immediate purchase. You go home with your product as soon as you’ve paid for it.

But if you consider all the benefits you can gain from buying your Power Air fryer online, it may somehow be a better method compared to brick and mortar stores.


Power Air fryer Official Website

You can also purchase the Power Air fryer on the manufacturer’s website.

Here, you also have the flexibility to choose whatever color or model you want. All of these are available and within your reach just like it is with large online stores like Amazon.

It seems the benefits and possibilities of purchasing on the manufacturer’s website are more or less the same as that seen in online stores.

The only advantage Amazon has over the manufacturer’s website is the unlimited ability to interact with other users of the product you are intending to buy. You are able to search and browse through hundreds or thousands of reviews and opinions from past and current users.

This opportunity may help you with information on purchasing the Power Air fryer of your choice or it may help you in learning the best way to use your Power Air fryer.

Get the best deals on Power Air fryer on Amazon, the 3.4qt capacity retails barely over a $100 while the 5.3qt model retails well below $200. When you compare these prices to the others, you’ll realize that these are one of the most affordable air fryers on sale, and to think they still had features and performances as excellent as they are known for, it’s no less than a mouth-watering deal.

So, by now I’m sure you are no longer asking where to buy Power Air fryer, sure you know now. The question you should be asking yourself now is when. Don’t wait much longer before you start enjoying the health and cooking benefits these Power Air fryers are offering.

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