NuWave Air Fryer Vs NuWave Oven: Which is Right for You?

NuWave is a top air fryer brand making quality appliances doing well on the market. The brand has air fryers and ovens. Between NuWave air fryer vs NuWave oven, which is right for your cooking needs? NuWave air fryers are versatile and can do more than just air frying. In addition, air fryers are easy to use and require a small space. On the other hand, the best NuWave ovens have more functions and can cook food faster than air fryers. Keep reading to find out which appliance is right for you.

NuWave oven vs air fryer: What are the similarities?

Both appliances cook food using hot air circulating around the food. However, the NuWave oven can cook using infrared and conduction. In addition, both appliances can bake, air fry, roast, grill, and reheat food. Also, they can cook a wide range of meals like chicken, vegetables, steak, delicious cake and much more using little or no oil.

Which one has a higher capacity?

NuWave air fryer is smaller and has a lower capacity compared to NuWave oven. Typical air fryers have a 3-quarts capacity, but you can find NuWave air fryers with more than 5-quarts. On the other hand, most advanced NuWave ovens have more than 7-quarts capacity and can cook whole chicken or turkey. But you can find NuWave ovens with lower capacities.

NuWave oven vs air fryer: which one is healthier?

You will get healthy meals with both appliances as they prepare food with little or no oil. However, the NuWave oven can be healthier as it collects more fat and oil drippings, especially when cooking fatty chicken, fish, or other meats. But there is no significant difference in the amount of oils/fats collected at the air fryer tray; hence we can say they are equally healthier.

Which one is more versatile?

On NuWave air fryer vs NuWave oven versatility battle, the oven carries the day. The oven features more cooking functions such as air fry, roast, grill, dehydrate, bake, reheat, steam, broil, and much more. On the other hand, the air fryer has fewer functions but can do more than just air frying. All in all, you need to learn how to use the air fryer and oven, and you will have an easy time cooking.


The NuWave oven is more convenient compared to the air fryer. The NuWave oven has a large cooking compartment to place two or more trays or racks with food. Meaning it can cook multiple foods separately at once. In addition, it can cook for a large family at once thanks to its large capacity. In comparison, the air fryer can only cook little food in batches, taking time. But if you live alone, an air fryer is good for you.

Which one cooks faster?

Most NuWave air fryers have a heating element at the top, and the air is circulated from top to bottom. It takes more time to cook food, and you have to turn or flip food halfway through the cooking process. However, a NuWave oven has more than one heating element, ensuring heat comes from different sides. This ensures food is cooked a little faster than in the air fryer.


There are different NuWave air fryer and oven models available at different prices. The price will depend on the features, size, and accessories it comes with. Typically, an advanced NuWave oven will cost more than an air fryer.

Final Thoughts

NuWave air fryer vs NuWave oven contest is hard to determine the winner. Both appliances can cook healthier meals. If you want a versatile appliance that brings convenience, the NuWave oven is the better option. If you want a simple appliance to air fry food for one or two people, then the air fryer is right for you.

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