What can you cook in an air fryer?

The option of what you can cook in an air fryer is unlimited. Air fryers are versatile and can practically cook most of the food you’ll want to eat often. Talk about frying it’s what they do best. The crispy and delicious French fries you get from these little wonders of the world is nothing but tantalizing. But really what can you cook in an air fryer?

These are so many but we’ll present you with a brief overview of each cooking types and food you can prepare in your air fryers in a healthy and still delicious manner.

Frying your foods in an air fryer

Frying foods in an air fryer

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Air fryers are most useful in this sense. They are able to perfectly fry your food without oil and still give it that crispy and delicious taste. From frying frozen French fries to homemade ones, the air fryer is great. Cooking with significantly less oil without a compromise in taste is one thing we never thought of.

Some air fryers such as the Tefal Actifry are also able to fry veggies for those who may like their veggies fried. Taking a bite of these delicacies is one thing you’d never want to turn down.

At times I find myself asking what my air fryer cannot cook whenever I’m confronted with a question like what can you cook in an air fryer?

You can perfectly roast a whole chicken in your air fryer

roast a whole chicken in your air fryer

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Ever roast a whole chicken in an air fryer? If you’ve tried it, you’ll be able to testify about how crunchy and delicious this can be. Whether you are dealing with frozen or raw meat, the air fryer will do just fine.

Apart from roasting your chicken, you could as well roast other varieties of food. These could range from walnuts to peanuts and just about anything you can think of roasting.

Baking is perfect in the air fryer and not just the oven

You can bake cupcakes, lasagna, muffins and the rest in an air fryer. Don’t just limit your baking options to your oven as the air fryer will do a better job of it. The baking pans are usually non-sticky, giving you less stress to handle.

You can also fry or steam your veggies

fry or steam your Vegetables

Photo Credit: Simply Recipes

So, we said it already, the choice of what you can cook in an air fryer and how you choose to cook it belongs solely to you.

Some people like to fry their veggies, crunchy and juicy while some prefer to steam theirs. Whichever your preference is the air fryer will certainly handle it.

Cooking coated food

Cooking coated food in the air fryer is quite possible but challenging. The fan tends to blow off the coating and splash it all around. But you can minimize this by adding a little oil to make the coating stick to the food.

Rather than think of what you can cook in an air fryer, sometimes I find myself wondering what I can’t do with it. Of course, there are a few, but those will be the subject of another discussion. So be sure to always check back on here as we add new informative topics by the day.


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