Can You Eat Cooked Cold Chicken When Pregnant?

Pregnant women need to take nutritious diets to keep them as well as the unborn babies healthy. They need to take fruits and vegetables in bulk to ensure that they get all the needed nutrients for the growth of the unborn babies. On top of that, they need to live healthy lives and avoid some products such as alcohol and cigarettes to avoid endangering the unborn babies. When it comes taking chicken, pregnant women need to be very careful. Can you eat cooked cold chicken when pregnant? This is a question asked by many people. Below is a detailed discussion that will give us the answer to this question.

 Can You Eat Cooked Cold Chicken When Pregnant

What are the benefits of taking a chicken to pregnant women?


We all know that chicken is a great source of proteins. For that reason, pregnant women need to take a well-cooked chicken to enjoy all the proteins that come with the delicacy. We know that chicken meat is also rich in vitamins as well as minerals that the body require. Chicken is also a good source of folate that helps in preventing defects such as neural tube defect in the babies. Chicken is also a great source of iron as well as zinc. These minerals are good when it comes to developments of new cells. On top of that, chicken is low on fats. This makes sure that it prevents a buildup of waste fats that can affect the mother as well as the unborn child.


Various methods you can use to make chicken for pregnant women


There are different methods that you can use to prepare chicken for pregnant mothers. Some people prefer boiling the chicken while others like deep frying it. Deep frying chicken is the best option if you want to take a tasty chicken, but it is considered unhealthy as it can have some harmful elements like acrylamide and have excess fats. You can air fry the chicken using an air fryer, and you will get a delicious and crispy chicken. Some people go for roasting, but this is not advisable when it comes to pregnant women as well as unborn babies.

Can you eat cooked cold chicken when pregnant? Let find out


There is a big problem for pregnant mothers when it comes to taking a cooked cold chicken. A well-cooked or reheated chicken doesn’t have bacteria that can affect a pregnant woman. Cold chicken or chicken that is not well cooked has bacteria listeria. This bacteria is not good for pregnant women as it can lead to an infection known as listeriosis. This infection increases the risk of miscarriages, infection of newborns, preterm delivery and premature death. For that reason, pregnant ladies should take chicken that is reheated to temperatures higher than 160 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the bacteria can’t survive, hence the chicken is safe for consumption.

From above it is evident that chicken is highly essential to pregnant women. It is a great source of proteins, minerals, fatty acids among many other nutrients. If you are a pregnant lady, you need to avoid cold chicken as it can have bacteria listeria. Reheat the chicken and make sure that it was well cooked before consuming one.



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