Are Air Fryers Healthier Than Deep Fryers? Get The Answer

Many questions are asked about air fryers and deep fryers. The reason behind the questions is that every person wants to get the appliance that can prepare healthy meals. Both deep and air fryers are the most preferred cooking devices as they are efficient and cook foods that taste the same. Are air fryers healthier than deep fryers? This is the big question that requires an answer. Below is a brief discussion of the devices and reasons that shows that air fryers are healthier than deep fryers.

Are Air Fryers Healthier Than Deep Fryers

How do these kitchen devices work?

It is advisable to know how these devices work before focusing on how one is healthier than the other. Air fryer is designed to use circulating hot air. It uses Rapid Air Technology to circulate the hot air around the food being cooked. The kitchen device uses oil droplets during the cooking process. Philips XL Airfryer, Cozyna Air Fryer and Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer are some examples. On the other hand, deep fryers are designed to use hot oil to cook. Food is fully immersed in the hot oil for it to get ready. You need to have more oil compared to air fryers.

Fat content  

A healthy diet should have low levels of essential fats. People are going for foods that are low in fats as well as calories. Food with high levels of fat promotes weight gain which many people are avoiding. Air fried foods are low in fats. Small amounts of vegetable oil are used during the cooking process. This makes sure that the food is well cooked and it has low fats. Low-fat foods have many benefits. They assist in weight management. On top of that, people taking foods that are low in fat are safe from heart failure and other health disorders that come as a result of taking much fat. As a result, an air fryer is a better option compared to a deep fryer.

Air fried foods may aid in weight loss

Overweight and obesity are challenges that affect a huge population across the world. These challenges can be overcome with the help of healthy diets and exercises.  Nutritionists say that how we prepare food matters as it will affect the expected results. Using an air fryer is advisable as it will ensure that your food will have low fats and calories. Fats, when broken down, gives higher calories compared to other macronutrients. Therefore, when you take air fried foods, you have a chance of promoting weight loss.

Air dried foods are low in harmful compounds

Some harmful compounds are formed when foods rich in carbohydrates are fried. Acrylamide is one of the harmful compounds. When you air fry food, you have a chance of reducing acrylamide content in your diet making it safer compared to those fried using a deep fryer. This compound is attributed to cancer development.

Final Words

Healthy and nutritious foods are good for human health. Prepare food well to enjoy its benefits. It is advisable to take foods that are low in fats and free of harmful compounds. From above it is evident that air fryers are healthier than deep fryers. Therefore, go for air fried foods as they are healthier compared to those cooked using deep fryers.

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