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What is the Best Oil Less Air Fryer? Top 5 Recommendations

It is always advisable to eat healthy and well-prepared food. This ensures that we live quality lives free of lifestyle diseases. Cooking food using little to no cooking oil is essential. We all know that taking excess fats consistently can cause heart diseases and even make one gain weight within a short period. To avoid this, air fryers have come with a solution. They are cooking appliances that prepare food using little to no oil without compromising texture and taste of food. Below is a detailed discussion of oil less air fryers including best oil less air fryer.


What is an oil free air fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that is used to cook food. It can be used to roast, grill, air fry and even bake. This means that it is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can have in your home. The appliance uses hot air to cook food. The hot air is circulated at high speed around food. Depending on what you are cooking, you can use little to no oil. Most advanced oil free fryers use 70%-80% less oil than deep fryers. It can be used to prepare steak, chips, vegetables, cakes, cheeseburgers, fish, chicken breast among other types of food.

Best Oil Less Air Fryer

Types of oil-less fryers

There are many types of oil less air fryers. We have advanced air fryers as well as most advanced air fryers. Most advanced air fryers use Rapid Air Circulation Technology to cook food. On top of that, they are high power and comes with a digital touch screens that lets you easily customize the setting while cooking. Advanced air fryers may have adjustment buttons but most of them use rapid air technology. Air fryers come in different sizes, most of them are in the range of 2-3.5 liters’ capacity. When it comes to temperature ranges, you will find that some have high temperature adjustment ranges than others. Air fryers are almost the same but the level of programming and advancement in features make them different.


Benefits of oil-free less fryer

  • Highly versatile

Air fryers are highly versatile. You can use them to roast, air fry, grill and even bake. This means you can use them to cook fish, steak, chicken breast, French fries, potato chips, vegetables like carrots and greens, cheeseburger among others.

  • Safe and easy to use, and clean

An air fryer is a simple kitchen appliance that can be used even by the elderly. Best oil less air fryer comes with easy to use adjusting features like digital touch screen. This makes customization of cooking setting easy. On top of that, most advanced oil less fryers will go off when food is ready. When it comes to cleaning the best oil less fryers come with detachable parts which are dishwasher safe.

  • Healthier meals

Air fryers cook food using less to no oil. Also, when it cooks high fatty foods, excess oil drain in the drawer. This means that you will end up taking food with less oil as well as calories which is good for your health.

  • Fast and convenient

Air fryers cook food fast using hot circulating air. It takes 10-30 minutes to prepare a wide range of foods using an air fryer. It is a convenient kitchen appliance to use as you can transfer food directly from the freezer to the fryer for cooking.

  • Saves on cooking oil

Most advanced oil free fryers use no oil. However, some use as little as one tablespoonful oil to cook food. This make sure that you save on oil without compromising the taste of your food. You need to buy air fryer specific cooking oil such as olive oil, and you will definitely enjoy meals from your air fryer.


5 Best oil less air fryers reviews


1. Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Air fryer

Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Air fryer


Philips is a top manufacturer of top class air fryers. With Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Air Fryer you can cook, roast, grill, bake, reheat and even steam food with ease. The appliance uses Rapid Air Technology and comes with a starfish design that allows food to cook evenly and fast. You can use a tablespoonful to no oil when cooking, and food will have a delicious taste and crispy texture. It comes with a digital touch screen that makes setting easy. Also, it comes with a removable nonstick drawer as well as food basket that are dishwasher safe. If you have a family of 2-4 people, this appliance is good for you as it has a capacity of 2.65-Lb.

  • Cooks healthy food evenly
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Taste and texture are not compromised
  • Highly versatile
  • A bit expensive
  • For a large family, you need to cook for more than one round


2. Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer

Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer


This is a top oil-less fryer doing well on the market. It has attracted many buyers as it is large in size and energy efficient. With a capacity of 16 quarts, Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer can cook a whole turkey. It combines halogen heat, infrared and convection technology which ensures food is evenly cooked. Also, it comes with an easy to use panel for temperature and time. The timer shuts off the fryer when food is ready. On top of that, it comes with a transparent glass bowl to let you see the progress of your food without opening the cooking chamber. Believe it or not you can cook two different foods simultaneously using Big Boss Air Fryer thanks to its two shelf set. To make cooking easier, it comes with a recipe book that has over 50 recipes.

  • Super-size capacity suitable for large families
  • Can cook two different foods simultaneously
  • Transparent cooking chamber
  • Cooks faster
  • Energy efficient
  • Prepares healthy foods
  • Not that durable compared to other best oil free air fryers on the market


3. GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer XL

 GoWISE USA Air Fryer (5.8 QT, Black)


This is another best oil free air fryer on the market. The air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology and comes with 8 preset cooking programs for chicken, pork, chips/fries, steak, cake, shrimp, fish as well as pizza. GoWISE USA Air Fryer comes with a modern touch screen design. On top of that, it features a temperature control system that ranges from 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. More so, it features a Start/Stop button and a built-in alarm function that allows you to change your program mid-cycle and shake your ingredients respectively. It has a high capacity, and comes with accessories such as baking pan, pizza pan, insert rack, toasting rack, skewers as well as silicon pot holder.

  • High capacity- 5.8 QT
  • Comes with many accessories that makes cooking easy
  • 8 preset cooking options makes cooking easy
  • Makes healthier meals with less fats and calories
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for food cooked for 30 minutes or less


4. T-fal 1510001181 FZ700251 Multi Actifry Fryer, 2.2 lb, 400 W (Black)

 T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer


This is another top quality air fryer that makes healthy meals using less oil. It uses pulse heat system as well as unique stirring paddle to cook food evenly. This system makes sure that food is stirred evenly and heat is evenly distributed around food thus cooking it to perfection. T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer features a large LCD Screen and an automatic count down timer that makes cooking easy for any dish. On top of that, it comes with removable pan, paddle, spoon, filter as well as lid making it one of the easiest to clean air fryers. It can cook 1kg of food, and can cook a wide range of food ranging from fish to chicken thighs. You will definitely cook healthy foods using this amazing cooking appliance as it uses as little to no oil.

  • Easy to use
  • Cooks delicious and healthy meals
  • Cooks a wide range of foods
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks fast
  • Not that durable compared to many other top models
  • A bit pricy


5. Power Air Fryer XL 3.4 QT (Black)

 Power Air Fryer XL 3.4 QT


This is one of the most advanced digital air fryers on the market. The air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology which makes sure that food is evenly cooked and has a crispy texture. Power Air Fryer XL features advanced features such as a digital timer with automatic Shut Off and temperature programming option of 1500 or 1700 watts of Turbo Cyclonic Power or Super-Heated Air that heats up to 400 degrees. On top of that, it comes with 7 preset cooking programs that lets you roast, air fry, bake, steam, grill and sauté with ease. Furthermore, it comes with a 3.4 Quart basket with a non-stick coating. It is an amazing fryer that is easy to clean and use.

  • High capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Can cook a wide range of foods
  • Makes healthier and tasty foods
  • A bit expensive


How an oil-free fryer works?

An oil-free air fryer is highly recommended to those people who want to take less fatty foods. It works by heating food using hot circulating air. The air is heated using a heating element and is circulated around the food in the cooking compartment with the help of a fan. Food and ingredients are placed in a frying basket which is removable in most models. You just need to set the temperatures as well as time you need to cook your food, and the air fryer will do the rest for you. It is essential to turn food or shake the frying basket during the cooking process to allow food cook to perfection.

What oil is best for air fryer?

  • Avocado Oil – This is one of the best oils you can use when cooking using an air fryer. It is suitable for high heat cooking as it has a smoke point of 500 degrees F. On top of that, it is rich in monosaturated fats and other essential nutrients.
  • Soybean Oil – This oil is highly recommended for deep frying. However, it can be used to air fry food using the oil-free air fryer. It has a smoke point 350 degrees F and will give your food a crispy texture.
  • Extra Light Olive Oil – This oil is excellent for air frying, deep frying, stir-frying and even baking. It is rich in monosaturated fats and other essential nutrients. On top of that, it has a high smoke point of 468 degrees F thus suitable for high temperature cooking.
  • Sunflower Oil – This is another cooking oil that can be used in the air fryer. It is rich in monosaturated acids and is rich in other nutrients like vitamin E. It is suitable for air frying because it has a high smoke point of 440 degrees F.
  • Peanut Oil – Refined peanut oil is highly suitable for air frying. It comes with a good flavor and has a high smoke power of 450 degrees F. Can be used for baking, air frying and deep frying.
  • Coconut Oil (Refined) – Coconut oil is highly recommended for air frying. It is rich in saturated fats, lauric acid, and has many health benefits. With a smoke point of 350 degrees F, it can be used to air fry food using oil less fryer.

Do you need oil for air fryer?

Yes, you need little oil to ensure that your food doesn’t burn and to give it a crispy texture and delicious taste. However, high fatty foods like pork may not require cooking oil.

Can I use olive oil in my air fryer?

Yes, you can. Olive oil is essential when it comes to air frying. It has a high smoke point and wil give your food a crispy texture without compromising the taste.

Are oil les fryer healthy?

Yes, they are. They make food using little to no oil. This ensures that your food has less fats as well as calories which is good for your health.

Is an oil less fryer the same as an air fryer?

Yes, there is no big difference between these two air frying appliances. They both use hot circulating air to cook food and use little to no oil when cooking. The difference may be in features as some are more advanced than others.

Is an oil-less fryer right for your family?

Definitely yes. If you want your family to eat healthy food at all times, you need to have an oil-less air fryer. It is a versatile appliance that you can use to cook a wide range of meals ranging from vegetables to chicken breast.

Final thoughts

Using an oil less air fryer is a good thing for your family’s health. When you get the best oil less air fryer, you will definitely cook healthy and delicious food in an easy way. Use the above reviews, and you will buy the one that will meet all your cooking needs.

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